May 20, 2008

A forgotten family member

Meet *"turtle", our family memeber since 1999..

my dad got it for my nephew o my nephew hab feeh habbah kil ma zarna ga3ad wiyah outside for hours, laman mal oo he forgot all about it!

oo it continued to be the interest of each nephew or niece until they reach the age of 2-3 years when they loose interest in the poor thing!

to be honest, i also forget that we have a turtle o i remember it when one of the kids reach that certain age .. and that is whats happening right now.. the youngest edition to the family ( allah e7afith'hum ) 9ayer hammah il awal wil a5eer il turtle!

if i want to let him come to me or give me a hug i'll just tell him that i'll show him the "totol" (3ala goaltah) oo he'll come! .. hehehe, the things he'll do for a turtle!

*by the way, i just realized that it doesn't have a name! 9 years & still no name!


Big Pearls said...

waaay mashalla ish7alat il turtle:)

Amethyst said...

Give the turtle a name! Poor thing!

A Journal Entry said...

big pearls
mashallah it's sooo cute!

i know!!!
i'll raise the subject in the upcoming gathering..

Disturbed Stranger said...

I used to have a turtle once...
Then one day it disappeared...
5yrs later we moved... And I found it behind the cupboard... it was a nasty site... :(

FourMe said...

totol sounds good.. or maybe its name is 'The Turtle'

A Journal Entry said...

Disturbed Stranger
oh god! wa3alayah =S

yeah thats what we'll call it in the end! coz we won't sittle on a name..

Disturbed Stranger said...

oh and if your still looking for a name you might want like this "Speedy" that was my late turtle's name :)

A Journal Entry said...

Disturbed Stranger
heheh what a cute name! i'll consider it as an option...

actually i like it alot!