May 17, 2008


so today is the day!

i woke up at 9:00 .. got to the voting place at 9:40 .. walked out at 11:50 !!!!

it was a total mess.. 7addah ma kan feeh tantheem..
i went to my lajna and stood in line .. after 10 min they say enna i should take a number.. so i took this peice of paper and my number was 47.. ooooookaaaay! so maybe they were giving the numbers out min il 9ub7 oo il arqam ily gabil already e5li9aw so jidamy bas shwaya..

30 min later and the line was NOT moving!

it was really hot (ashwa ina e'3bara o mako shams!) so they told us to sit in one of the classes and they'll come call us when it's our turn.. we waited for another half an hour and no one comes to call us.. ma3qoola?!

so i went out to ask the people that were supposed to be organizing the process wila the changed the numbers to a blue paper instead of the white one that i have! bs ashwa galaw il white papers go in 1st.. one of the ladies that arrived with me told me that they changed her number to the blue one and now her number is 8 instead of 48!! waay 7addy tanarfazt! shino hal tantheem il 5warah!

ba3ad let the people just come and stand in line.. il numbers esh7agah?! sawaw looyah malha da3y! lee darajat ena at least 10 ladies infront of me just walked away without voting min kithir ma ohma em3a9been!!!

p.s: the number i'm talking about is not raqam il qaid.. it's raqam il dour..


Big Pearls said...

ammm kint ga3da afaker a9awet bas chenni hawant!

A Journal Entry said...

big pearls
hehehhe la la la! kilish wala et'hawneen! .. go now akeed 9a5ah!
every vote is important!

Hamitaf La B. said...

yes yes yes yes!! Same place.... loool... it was such a disaster!!
we left... but we were 58... behind you... I couldn't take it.... and neither could my mom... we were sitting inside and I just got up... and told her this is useless... when we came outside they told us the same story but the lady was ultra rude!

A Journal Entry said...
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Ansam said...

mine was smooth, I went in I did not even wait a minute, maybe “A” is not a popular letter for a female name in my district LOL, and hmm I have seen a sample of the voting paper yesterday on facebook that I got familiarized with, so I knew where to look the names right away..

I really was in and out FAST! but people suddenly become your friends, even the ones that hardly know you and I kept a straight poker face while walking that some of them did not even try to hand me flyers, others would give them to me and see me putting them on benches and when asked whom I will vote for, I smile and say nothing LOL

And it needed organizing BIG time!!! I agree

A Journal Entry said...

hamitaf la b.
ehheh me 2 i thought of leaving but adry etha i left i wouldn't come back again

A Journal Entry said...

yeah all the people i know said that the whole process took them 20 min max.. only ours had problems..

heheheh waaay mithly!! oo ham while walking in i phoned a firend just to look busy so that no one approaches me.. oo asay nafsy ma asma3hum!! heheh

on my way out no one even looks in my direction... i'm not important any more!

A Journal Entry said...

*asay = asawy

Ansam said...

la 3ayal ana ashkara la phone wala shay

just had a poker face... well some sorta face that says KEEP OFF LOL

I was good at it too :-P

A Journal Entry said...

heheh i should practice that face for next time! ;P