Jul 8, 2008

Afternoon Snacks

This time of day (5:00-6:00pm) is the time for snacking!
a perfect estikana of tea with biscuits, chocolates, or leftover desserts.. browsing through my fav blogs and watching tv.. (actually, the tv is on but i don't watch it.. i know, wain il energy saving?!)

and here's one of my fav buscuits to dip in tea! ;P

so whats ur fav snack??


FourMe said...

I like those biscuits. I don't think I snack.. I might have the odd ice cream or little choco roll cakes. But I'm no snacker :/

Bebe & Noonie said...

I heart nice chips.


Bebe & Noonie said...
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Amethyst said...

Our prof attatches those biscuits to our exam papers;p

Madry. Ice cream?

Anonymous said...

yuummy I love those bisuits... favorite snack... Sugar and spice vanilla cupcakes with coffeebean and tea leaf double shot vanilla latte (no foam);p allaaaaaaah!!


I'm not a snacker, but when I'm feeling pekish I'll basically eat anything or everything I can get my hands on first.

Biscuits look nice though ;)

Anonymous said...

alah i love these biscuits !

A Journal Entry said...

lucky u!
if i give up my snacking habbit i'm sure i'll lose 2 kilos at least!

yummmm salt and vingar is my fav.. bs not with tea!

waaaaay ur prof eyaaanin! 7abaitah!

everything in sugar and spice eyanin.. i don't mind living there!

hhehe yeah that happens to me to.. i turn into a hoover =/

yeah with tea it's the perfect combination =)

Delicately Realistic said...

Those are one of my favourite biscuits !!!

Bebe & Noonie said...

Fruits;P5o5..apples..cherries..eheh can be my snack ;)

A Journal Entry said...

delicately realistic
wow ma hagait ako hal kithir fans 7ag this biscuits!

mashallah thats a healthy choice .. wish i could be more like u =)

Anonymous said...

cheese sandwich <3

eshda3wa said...

ooh i love those too

anything sweet really

hal ayam im into cookies

usually i crave cake

Big Pearls said...

those are nice biscuits.

Feminist™ said...

alllllah i love those biscuits they are amazing ..

hmmm my fave snack !!

i guess its chips and pepsi ;p

Hamitaf la B said...

I love those biscuits.... and I love estikanat chai with those biscuits... 7adee eshtahait right now!!

A Journal Entry said...

i could live on cheese sandwitches

what brand of cookies?? i can't seem to find one that is reeeaaaally good

big pearls
yeaah wayd latheeth! =)

i drink pepsi yimkin once every two weeks.. bcoz it's not healthy,
lazem et5afifeen minah! ;p

eee ana al7een mishteheetah now =S

G |-| a |) 0 o |2 said...

el jood bel mawjood ;Pp

shahad said...

ohh a7ib hal baskot !! lathyth
i'm a cake person "cup cackes muffens ,cackes 3adeyen1 these are my snacks or baskot digestive!

A Journal Entry said...

heheh hathy siyasa mom titibi3ha!
illy mawjood et7i6ah jidamna!

i love cakes with tea.. especially carrot cake

in my choos said...

i love lotus! you reminded me of it lol nsaiiitahh ;p

i love digestives! popcorn, nachos *eek



A Journal Entry said...

in my choos
heheh yeah it's old.. but good old!

Jawa said...

Mmm.. Favorite snacks
1.Sugar and spice's vanilla cupcakes
2.Fudz cookies
3.waraq 3enab ;p

Lilleez said...

i miss biscuits + chai !!!