Jul 6, 2008


today i saw Hancock and it was goood! i enjoyed it alot..
It's been a while since i've last seen a good movie bil cinema =/
it's a comedy fa i had a few good laughs, but not as much as the person sitting next to me.. ehya '3ashyana min il thi7ik oo i'm like ana shfeeny ma ath7ak hal kithir shino ma afham il jokes wila lai hal daraja 6eenty thgeelah?! heheh wa3alayah la a7sid il bint allah ehaneeha =)

bs you have to see it it's lotsa fun ;)


eshda3wa said...

i love will!

A Journal Entry said...

me tooo!
i fell in live with him min fresh prince! ;P

A Journal Entry said...


PaLoMiNo said...

eeh me2 a7ebaaaa!

FourMe said...

OMG OMG *girlie moment* I LOVE SMITHY totally min ayam fresh prince he's such a MAN'S MAN!

I really wanna see the movie .. hopefully will see it soon.

Delicately Realistic said...

LOL im like that in movies.

Will watch the movie.

Big Pearls said...

I watched the movie..it was ok bas I'm more into realistic movies these days..how boring f me!

A Journal Entry said...

7abbitich il 3aafyah ;p

iiiiin west philadelphia born and raised!! heheh i used to love singing it ;p

delicately realistic
heheh ashwa 3yal i'm normal??

big pearls
i usually don't like the super hero type of movies min 6aggat superman oo hulk (is he a superhero?!) .. bs this one i really enjoyed it

Shoush said...

Lots of cut scenes?

F. said...

Glad you enjoyed it...doesn't seem like my type of movie though.

Anonymous said...

ya3ni zain? asawi laah download? :P

A Journal Entry said...

wallah naw3an ma ee ;P
but ya3ni tifhmeen shino 9ar!

thaaanx =)

ee ee saway wintay em'3amthah ;p

Anonymous said...

i wanna seee the movieeeeee!!

G |-| a |) 0 o |2 said...

walla el kel yemda7 feeh
bs ana ban6era yanzel dvdrip :p
el cinema halayam esawon cut 3la ghair sana3 ;\

Fastidious Babe said...

im gonna catch it bacher inshalla! it has been AGES since i saw a good movie blcinema too! we were just talking about how this summer there isnt anything good on (except SATC which didnt show here)!

A Journal Entry said...

u should ;)

true it is censored, but sometimes u want the experience of being in the theater ..

fastidious babe
i still didn't c SATC =S

shahad said...

wedi ashofa !!

last 2 movies i saw "married life & bank job "

the 1st THYM ! the 2nd less THYM :p

Oranjina fadidra said...
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Oranjina fadidra said...

not the kind I care to watch :p

A Journal Entry said...

ashwanich u told me kint nawya ashoof bank job.. not anymore!

Oranjina fadidra
7asafah ;P

Anonymous said...

LOOOL ana lama ma ath7ak o ashoof el kel ba6eenha the7ek ey7ooshni nafs el le7sas lol

Eulalia said...

eehehehe.im usually the person thats cracking up next to you in the cinema.

oh! Oh! im a willaholic...lol...get it...GET IT? *ahem*....excuse me