Jul 30, 2008

When you feel bored..

.. go to Ikea!

Yesterday i had nothing to do oo i was bored fa i decided to go to Ikea.. and this is the result:

Bear in mind that I only wanted to buy a table lamp for the chalet!

I love Ikea, it's full of stuff that u think u don't need but u end up buying them anyway! bs u do find them useful eventually. what i like most in Ikea is their boxes oo their closet and drawers organizers.. here are some things that i think all of u should get coz they completely transformed my closet and now everything is so neat and in place =)

i used this in my drawer to organize my hairclips, hairbands, some of my makeup, nail polishes oo kilshay 9'3eer malah mukan!

i used this box for the extra duvet cover oo il covers illy i won't be using anytime soon.. a7fath lihum 3an il '3bar..

i used these to store il ashyaa2 illy kanaw mawjoodeen bil drawers il kbaar.. my belts, socks & il *jeejeeyat (stockings.. eshtahait aktib jeejeeyat!!).. these lil things work wonders!

as for these two sets of metal boxes, i still don't know what i'll use them for.. i just loved the patterns on them ;P
i'm sure they'll come in handy someday!

*speaking of jeejeeyat.. widdy a3arif min ay lu'3ah yat kilamt jeejee! oo laish some say jeejee while others say hailahop?!
which one do u use??
are u a jeejee or hailahop person?! ;p


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

mabroooook 3laich :)

ps: i hate ikea :(
i get lost...too many things :(

A Journal Entry said...

heheh! yeah i also get lost in it.. and thats why i love it!

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤ said...


o wayed 7bait el boxes 3lech bel 3afya
ma3alich ra7 telgailhm debra ;p

and about the jeejee thing ;p

ana agol hailahob ;p

o madri laish a7es jeejee french ;p

Amethyst said...

3alaich bel3afya:)

Delicately Realistic said...

lol i went there a few days ago...
i got an amazing lamp....its rectangular o whitish....with a bulb inside....

Ruby Woo said...


I love Ikea too. A9eer maynoona lama I enter the place. I have the same plastic plate to organize my hair clips and nailpolish too!

As for the pattern ones, They're so pretty but hard to find a suitable purpose for it.

I LOVE IKEA and I hate it when people say hailahop. It sounds stupid.

Bebe n' Noonie said...

I love ikea!!!:* eheh
the boxes mu 9ijj!
:p it doesnt really matter to me what I say jeje w hailahop :p eheh

Bebe n' Noonie said...
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A Journal Entry said...

7abbitich il 3afya hun ;)
hmmm yeah it does sound abit freanchy!

allah e3afeech =)

delicately realistic
kan fee waaayd ashya2 7ilwa bil lamps section.. i settled for the one with the woven lamp shade

ruby woo
hehehe yeah i don't like hailahop wayd! =/

laaaa u must choose a side may9eer both! ;P

Bebe n' Noonie said...


Bebe n' Noonie said...

I liiiike.
and btw, i say jeejee:p.

A Journal Entry said...

noonie & bebe
heheh heeyah!

FourMe said...

I'm a 'stocking' girl but sometimes would say jeejee..

Love Ikea..

New Bride said...

looool jejeyaaaaaat waaaaay t9adgeen ana le al7een agool jeje

bas haila hop shnoo ?? mn ween 6al3aa hal word

A Journal Entry said...

jeejee is more fun to say ;p

new bride
heheh shino ma3qoolah awal marrah tism3een hailahop?

J o u j a™ said...

aaaah Ikea i love that place
i loved the colors of the metal boxes

well i do use both words ;p

Anonymous said...

reminds me when I moved to a new house and all the rooms were full of Ikea stuff...I was shocked to see they have some good quality stuff!

A Journal Entry said...

eyaninoon mo?!

yeah they do!
but the smaller things has better quality.. il wooden stuff mo thak il zoud..

crash market stock said...

well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

A Journal Entry said...

crash market stock
yup.. most of them are really useful! =)

Shoush said...

Ana agool hailahop. Jeejee madri shlon 9ayir. '3areeb. :P

And i too love IKEA! 7ada yiwanis oo ma yinmal.

J o u j a™ said...

eee 3leeeech bel 3afya 7ubi :***

A Journal Entry said...

allah e3afeeech ;)

A Journal Entry said...

jeejee asra3 laman tingal.. hailahop esh6oolha! ;P

TooMa said...

3laich bel3afya :)
i love ikea t6e7en 3la swalef twanes oo useful ba3ad .. yabela nro7

A Journal Entry said...

offf 7addah ewanis! =)

Anonymous said...

jeejee..ma7ib ili igooloon hailihop.

A Journal Entry said...

me 2 ma7ib hailahop!

Anonymous said...

3ad kila yegolon a'3ra'6 ikea saka w ibser3a te5tirib w tetkasar @@

their cafeteria jareema

A Journal Entry said...

ee il ashyaa2 il kbeera like mathalan kabatat moshay.. lakin il bajy kila zain..

ooohhhh aham shay ta5tmeen il roo7a eb icecream ;)

Anonymous said...

itsadgeen am both!!:p JEEJEE and helahob;p hehehe and i love ikea!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooooooL you are just like me! i love those storage things loool

A Journal Entry said...

aren't they just amazing?!