Jul 17, 2008

Greeting from Turkey

1st of all, let me state that i do not watch the two turkish series and that they'r not the reason we chose turkey as our destination! it's bcoz we wanted to go on a short vacay to somewhere close.. oo since some of our relatives had lots of fun when they came here last march, we said why not go and explore it!

we went to Istanbul 1st oo we stayed at the W hotel.. it's reaaaaaaaaally 7ilo! oo it's location is fatheeee3! loved it alot.. oo the weather was 29 degrees max fa at night it gets a bit chilly..

our room

the area where the hotel is in

bs guys il manather hnaak 3ajeebah!

here are some pics so u can see what i'm talking about!

now we are in Bodrum.. a place for swimming oo relaxing..

the swimming pool

the view from our room

we rented a boat which took us to small empty beaches where the water was cristal clear oo refreshingly cold!

i'll post some more pics later on but now i have to go to my spa appointment .. aaahhh i sooo need a massage after 2 days of sun exposure!


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

my mom wants to go to turkey since last year, bs im all against it this year. too many kuwaties there after zeft noor.

i think i might reconsider after what i saw here. i just dont like going on vacation in summer and seeing the same people i try to get away from :(

glad youre having fun though :)

Amethyst said...

Me wants empty beach!

A Journal Entry said...

3ad et9adgeen the good thing enna ma 9adafna kuwaities wayd!!
ohma mu3thamhum stay in hotels near an area called taksim..

but u should go it's nice =)

A Journal Entry said...

heheh yeah it was the best part!

Anonymous said...

omg! mashalla it looks amaaaaaaazing!! enjooooy!!! SHAKIL IL BA7AR IS KILLING ME!! *eyes shut imagine I'm in the water* aaaaaaaaaaah!!

Feminist™ said...

the water is amazing i wanna jump and swim and swim :pP

3leeeech eb alf 3afya sweeeetie :*

Delicately Realistic said...

3alaikom bil 3afya ! Looks great !
Thanks to the TV dramas for the added publicity....never new TUrkey was this beautiful !

Big Pearls said...

3alaikom bil 3afya..looks nice:)

Eulalia said...

allaaah! allah yihaneekom il mana6'ir raaaw3a!

Disturbed Stranger said...

I was in Turkey 2 yrs ago.. I didn't like it much... but there are some really amazing places you have to visit, except they're far away from the capital.

Oh and you must see Troy!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

Ansam said...

beautiful! Have fun to the max and enjoy your massage

Fastidious Babe said...

wow! i loved the shots u took! got me all worked up, i might consider a quick trip to turkey! i just heard that its PACKED this year.. is that true? and if i do go.. ur gonna have to brief me on all the hotspots.. u will wont u? :P

hope ur all suppled up from ur massage by now! enjoy xx

CoutureCarrie said...

Oh that crystal clear water is so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

wow ! mashala seems amazin! ENJOY! min sameem qalbi ;p

A Journal Entry said...

oooff 3ad 7addah kan 3ajeeb! ;p

allah e3afeeech =)

delicately realistic
allah e3afeeech thanx.. yeah i've read about how the tv series increased the tourism in turkey!

big pearls
mashkoorah =)

thank u! ;)

disturbed stranger
we didn't go to the capital.. oo i didn't get the chance to read ur comment illa wana back.. 7asafah chan i went to troy =(

thaaaanx ;)

fastidious babe
of course i will!! ;)

yeah isn't it =)

heheh 7bait min 9ameem qalbi!
thaanx =)

ga6oo6a said...

3leeeech eb alf 3afya....

eshlon el nas ehnak 9j egolon ena mo3amalathom "jalfa" ?

shawagteneeee 7ad el tan ehnak shakla !

A Journal Entry said...

hehehe ee ashkara 9uba'3t!

hmmm .. no all of them.. tilgain il zain oo il shain..

Anonymous said...

omg these photographs are BEAUTIFUL! And that hotel room is so inviting :p

A Journal Entry said...

yeah it is amazing! =)