Jul 1, 2008

I came here 1st!

the other day i went to the salon to get my eyebrows done, it was a bit crowded, there was like 4 ppl before me, one doing her brows o one sitting on a chair reading a mag .. oo two girls chatting.. i usually walk away when it's this crowded coz maly 5ulg an6ir but that time kan il wath3 if i didn't wait now i won't be able to come until like 3 days after.. so i sat down 3ala mathath (7abait 3ala mathath hathy! ;P )..

they don't give numbers for ur turn or anything.. u just know who is before u..

in comes an older woman, about 38 and talks to the two girls tis2alhum ha 5ala9taw? galat wa7da la ana buga dory al7een..

il muhim, now that she finished it was my turn,, i stood up chan teyyey tangiz hal mara eb wayhy witgooly

woman: hatha doory al7een
journal: bs ana kint ehny gabil!
woman: la ana wiya banaty (they two girls)
journal: bs ma kintay mawjooda tan6reen ur turn??
woman: ee 3ala ma i parked the car. ( note that it has been almost 30 minutes min kanaw banat'ha mawjoodeen.. 3afya 9af6a ta5ith 30 min!)

i was really angry but i was in no mood for a fight fa sikat oo i let her go before me.. now as i think about it, i don't know if it was her right to go before me wila la2... bs china mala 3ilaqah ena just bcoz her daughters where here ya3ni ehya ma3ahum!? ya3ni if it was me i would wait for my turn..

the point is, in every situation imaginable in this life: the person that came 1st should be served 1st.


Amethyst said...

I wouldn't have let her go..

G |-| a |) 0 o |2 said...

awal shay na3eeman ;Pp

well, she's wrong
shno ya3ni banat.ha ga3den ;\
o shno hal 9af6a eli ta5eth 30 mins
lo yaya men bait.hm mashi to9al asra3

bs etha taben el 9ej ana lo mkanech kent ra7 asawi nafs el shay ;p coz kelesh mali mugaga ada7er a7ad, specially this kind of people

A Journal Entry said...

yeah.. i guess this is the right response to the situation..

G |-| a |) 0 o |2
allah yin3am eb 7alich ;)
ee ba6at chabdy! =/

Anonymous said...

lo ana menech... CHAN BECHAIT!!:'(

Peony said...

been there.. its so annoying when they do that! seriously, they should start numbers or something cz there's many rude people here..

Delicately Realistic said...

Nas ma tikhtisheesh !

Anonymous said...

do you really think ena hal nas eli ma teste7y yestahloon ennich t3akreen mazajech eb sebat-hom??

who cares about her?? dont let her ruin your day!! :)

Bebe & Noonie said...

that is such a piss off !!=O

A Journal Entry said...

3ad 9ij kint mi7tarrah bs mo lai darajat ena feeny bachwa!

yeah they really should do that.. i remember once the started to use the numbers on their recipt.. but it didn't work coz some somes to the salon for 2 things mathalan, she finishes the 1st 1 then comes and naturally she had raqam gabilna..

Delicately Realistic
shiftay shloon =/

ur soo right.. ma yistahlon but they always manage to get to me =S


Big Pearls said...

there should be numbers to avoid those situations

~Lush said...

i hate it when people do that! Mate7on 3la wayehom =/

Squirreliya said...

waaay 3ad ana akrah lama a7ad yestaghfelni w ydesh gabli china eldour doura! i wouldn't let a woman like her to go bs etha kanat wa7da kbeera w mo7tarama at least chan khalait'ha w china el3eeD!

Feminist™ said...

she is rude :S

ghair salfa anazel banaty 3ashan ya5thoon door ,, 5ala9 next time a6rsh 5adamtna gbel ma aroo7 el 9aloon o a5leeha ta5thli dor :P

o tabeen el9ij i would do what you did specially that im not good with arguing ;p

A Journal Entry said...

big pearls
yeah they should, it would save us the trouble of em7atat il door!

ee wallah 7adhum =/

ee kan il wath3 china ana illy em6awfa il dour!

lol! 5oosh fikrah! ;p
yeah me 2 =s

sourire said...

I wouldn't have let her go.

Enarfezouni those kind of people!!

Fastidious Babe said...

we have a saying that goes "mn sebag libag" and its very applicable fl 9aloanat XD they really should get numbers! its hard to control women as is! lol xx

Ruby Woo said...

Lo ana minich chan kimasht`ha!

No seriously you should've clutched on to your turn and as you just said, first come first serve not first comes mother who was parking while daughters were waiting!

Anonymous said...

ams ana dasha lafaa w 6ala3 ib wayhi van feh hendi w 7areem. atarik lah in7akart chan yejadim w ohwa ma warah a7ad jadaam 3anadni il 7aywan. w ana ma gedart ilmohem wa5art chan a6la3 lah min il lafa il thanya w arou7 jedamah w alzim lich thaak il brake ib wayhah ohwa m3a il em3azba. ana sawayt chtehe 9ij 7araktah ba6at il chabd kint ba7gir bs la2ena ehya kamat 3alay w sabatni w galat lee, "THELFAY"

sawayt fehom filim ma 9adegaw 3ala Allah gabaaw.=P

eshda3wa said...

fee nass qaleleen eladab

A Journal Entry said...

they should become extinct 3alashan niftak minhum! ;p

fastidious babe
9a8 ilsanich.. that was il mathal illy i was searching for =)

ruby woo
i can imagine me taking of her 7ijab oo azni6ha feeh while ana ga3da akamish'ha! heehee

hal ashkal ma yamshoon ila bil 3ain il 7amrah..

7ad'hum =S

HQ said...

yeah i think she shud have waited her turn. i think she was lying about parking her car, 30 mins??
and if she was repectful enough she wud have let u go first

A Journal Entry said...

what can i say.. some ppl don't respect turns =s