Nov 4, 2008

Back to life.. Back to reality

and the boring routine.. oh well, life goes on..

I went to Germany.. And although i did't go there for pleasure.. I have to say it was very pleasurable.. The weather was freezing cold.. which was great! I got a chance to really a6alli3 qeemat my coats ;p

we rented a car and explored around the cities.. it's sooo much fun discovering new places ma kinna nadry 3anha..

6ab3an the star of the trip was the navigator!
allah e3afeeh il 9ara7a ma ga9ar.. il wa7id ma ysheel ham getting lost!

here are some more pics of the trip..

i loved those narrow roads oo the buildings surrounding them..

the early in the morning raining view from our hotel room in Berlin..

that's all for now!

time to go and catch up on all ur posts.. i think that it will take me at least three days to finish them all ;p


3anooda said...

ana agool intay wain??? i didnt see any comments on my blog from u and u are usually my number one commentator

:( za3lana al7een

ManalQ8 said...

يا سلام
ما شاء الله

عليكم بالعافية
اما النفيقيتر
شي عجيب

واكتشاف الاماكن الجديدة صرنا محترفين فيها
لها متعة خاصة فعلا

الاماكن الي مصورتها حلوة وايد
واحلاها الطرق الصغيرة


يالله روحي شوفي باقي المواضيع على البلوقات
بتاخذين اسبوع مو 3 ايام
الله يساعدج


Ghadoor said...

garrat 3aina :D
mashalla embayen el jaw eshaweg
ya zeeeen el bard ;p

eee allah y3enech 3la el updates :p

Spur said...


PaLoMiNo said...

7ayaty tadreeen ena U've been missed so much!!!!!!!!!


Delly said...

3aaa!! germany :******** i miss berlin! ku'dam!! fredrichstrass!! AAAAAH :*****
ya bakhtich walla... mashalla it seems that u had fun! duh! akeed u did! uve been to berlin! who doesnt have fun in berlin :*
3alaich bil3afya :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

abyyyyyy! =(
mallait mn eldeera already!

7amdella 3asalama btw ;**

A Journal Entry said...

afaaa la tiz3leen! killish wala 3anooda ;)

allah e3afeech dear thanx!

eee moo chinna 9uwar fannan?! ;p

hehehe eb wayh nibeyich =D
ee ana lail7een ma 3indy wagt achayikhum 3adil =/

thanx alot! =D

abaaaih palomino thaaank uuuuu! =*
wanasa u missed me!! heheh! =D

it was my 1st time in berlin.. didn't stay there much.. only for 2 days.. but i loved it there! will go back there sometime for sure! =)

allah esalmich dear =D
eee unplanned traveling is fun!

Mme.Monstre said...

i lloooove walking in alleyways .. nothing makes me more relaxed than walking in the Parisien streets .. its very soothing

Charmbracelet said...

allaaah ! waaay im soo jelous !
we missed you
welcome back =)

Fastidious Babe said...

welcome back.. i love traveling in winter bes 3ashan il coats et al! glad u had a great time! xx

A Journal Entry said...

Aaaahh paris.. My fav city for walking..

charmbracelet n
Thanx alot! =)

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
Thanx dear.. Yeah the coats and the piling up of clothes.. Its something we can't enjoy much over here!

3anooda said...

inzain 3ayal yallah jidami - at least one comment 3ala a5er postaty mal hal cham youm

aTooNa said...

im glad it was pleasurable.. o loving the pics by the way, esp. the last one!!

eshda3wa said...

7mdelaaa 3al salamaaaaaa ya gayyy min elsafaaaaaaar

A Journal Entry said...

Enshaaaallah ;)

Eee i love it too!
Il building mo 9ij..

Heheh allah esalmich dear thank u!

BeBe said...

wow nice pictures :P
have u been to any shops ? :P

jooj said...

7amdla 3alsalamaaaa :) glad you had fun babe Germany's amazingggg I always have a blast there even though ygolon bldt 3jayz :P

A Journal Entry said...

yes of course!
bs it wasn't a successful trip shopping wise =/

heheh 3ad 9ij balad 3ayayez.. but i love it!

think-become said...

germany is fun... oo il soog mal berlin mo 6abeee3y!!!

ana inshalla next week rayi7 london for a 5 to 6 days taghyeer jaw.. shakly bastamti3 bil bard.. hope you're having fun oo bissalama inshalla ilraj3a

MeeMzZ said...


J O U J A™ said...

i love Germany
6ab3an nafs 7altkum
el navigator waied anqathna hnak
bs 9ij 9ij 3leehum 6abee3a o jow 5ayalie

A Journal Entry said...

sooghum for men waaayd a7la min for women..

oo 3alaik bil 3afya enjoy it there =)

eee mshallah wayd =)

eee 9ij mashallah 5ayaal..

Squirreliya said...

el7emdillah 3al salamaa :D

Meticulous said...

7amdelaaaaa 3el salamaaa !

Meticulous said...

7amdelaaaaa 3el salamaaa !

Anonymous said...

WB :) 7emdella 3ala sallama :) and glad to know you had fun!

Shoush said...

Welcome back babe! Glad u enjoyed it. :)

A Journal Entry said...

squerreliya, meticolous, amu, shoush

allah esaalimkim u guys.. oo thaaanx alot! =D

Layla said...

Allllff 7amdelaaah 3al salamaaaa, wa7shteeena walla. Glad you enjoyed ur time, and the pixxx etjaaannn!

I felt cold for a second :P walla weddy arooo7 Germanyyyy

A Journal Entry said...

allah esalmich =)
eee i wanna go baaack!

libero anima said...

waaaaaw !! .. the pictures are amazing !! ..

it looks like you r havin fun !! ..

and enjoy the cold weather .. i envy you =p jk..
i adore the cold weather ..

hope you have fun .. =D

A Journal Entry said...

libro anima
it a was wonderful and a very much needed break =)

thanx dear!