Nov 19, 2008

Walking down memory lane- Part 1

Ever since i got married and moved out of my parent's house my mother always asks me to come and declutter my room oo take the rest of my stuff illy i left over there..

she does that bcoz she wants the room to be an extra room for my nieces and nephews, or coz she might break down the wall to expand il living room! ("3ashan entiwasa3" she says!!!).. well i'm sorry mom but that will never happen coz it was, still is, and will always be my room..

but every now and then i like to go through my old stuff.. i always find things that make me laugh or things that i compeletely forgot about..

i came across my collection of "alghaz" that i used to LOVE.. u know, ta5ta5 oo louza oo il majmoo3ah! i so wanted to be one of them.. to be ta5ta5 in precise 3ashan ohwa athka wa7id feehum ;p

i used to atbadal with my friends qi9a9hum.. i've read all the ta5ta5 alghaz i could find in kuwait! i bought them min maktabat that il salasil oo min a6las oo il3jairy where they put them fee very dusty arfuf outside.. i searched for them in every year's books exibition.. i even called il muwazi3 here in kuwait once to get my hands on the books i coudn't find! that's how addicted i was to them!

so addicted that i used to stay up past my bedtime and read them under the covers so that mom doesn't find out enny i'm still awake!
heheh! ... the good old times =)


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

eee athker 7ata an kint aro7 el3jairy oo adawer bl rfoof eli kelha '3bar!
i gave them to my lil bros who destroyed them


Aurous said...

I think I had almost all of the parts before..

9j "the good old days :)"

Zabo0o6a said...

i had something for rewayat 3abeer :P , which i still read sometimes as well as majed magazines and archie's comics ..

Anonymous said...

I love going through old stuff. I haven't heard of that series though;p

Fastidious Babe said...

aaaahhh my mom had them put in boxes and sent them over after a year of calling me to sort them out XD lol anyways.. yeah, its so much fun to go through old stuff.. XD looking forwards to seeing the rest of this! xx

A Journal Entry said...

weeeeeeh 7asafah!
i gave the ones that i loved the most to my cousin to get him hooked in them.. but he lost them =(

hehehe ee i know 7adda sha5bary!

oh i had the tewayat 3abeer phase as well!

3ayal 7asafah u didn't .. it's about a young group of friends that solve crimes.. eyaninoon!

fastidious babe
heheh la my mom didn't get to hal mar7alah yet.. she just put them all at the top part of my closets and put some of my drawers...

aTooNa said...

reading under the covers.. cute ^_^
shakhbaree maktabat that elsalasil ;p
i love looking through old stuff!

Twinkle said...

I loved those stories!

Nemo said...

looooooool my sis tmooooooooooot
3alaihom :p
ana ayamha mojaladat mickey lol

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOL SHA5BAAAARY MIN WAYN 6ALA3TEE HAL BOOKS!!;P at'thkar my mom used to read them for me when i went to sleep!!;p hehehe

Anonymous said...

Going through old stuff is just brings back tons of memories :)

BeBe said...

if u were that attached to them i say take them with u n keep them so that in the future ur kids might like them :P oo u'll remember those good times because after all u dont know what will happen in the future maybe they'll use ur room :P

u remind me bymyself :P i used to be into horror stories "9ar5at el ro3b" i used to read two novels in the same day :P

A Journal Entry said...

hehehe eee bs i think that that caused my sight to be bad =/

aren't they amazing?!

ee ana habait eb mickey for a while..

hehehe 3ad killish they'r not the bedtime story type!

it is! =)

eee i think that i have to take them with me.. 7asafah i don't want my collection to get lost..

eshda3wa said...


i used to be like that abt certain books too

but i never heard of ta5ta5!

Purely said...

I've never heard of these books.. but I love when I go through my old stuff too.. its so funny to see how much I've evolved;p.. missed u JE;*

MeeMzZ said...

well, i don't know if they are the ones or the other type madree which ones la2na ana wa7da ma afrig i remember the big onion story the grandpa ow grandma ow the girl ow the boy ow the dog ow the cat ow the mouse tried to pull it and at the end they did!!;p ow they some soup of it!!;p hehehe

f7ee7eely said...

aana I used to go to book street venders in Cairo and buy their whol mickey mouse book collection LOL plus I used to buy books from a famous publisher I forgot the publisher's name but you cant miss they're ladybirds logo stories like robinson cruze,...etc

I was hmmmmmmm 8 or 9

nyxxie said...

I'd never get rid of my room too. My room will always be my place <3

keep it!! :)

Ruby Woo said...

hehe ma3arifhom bas il asami thaaim. Loza w takhtakh? ;p

I used to be addicted to archies!

Lili3 said...

OMG my mom and my aunt were talking about this collection they loved to read when they were young few hours ago!! they were remembering their days when they lived in Kuwait and how they loved to read about the '2lforsan 2l5amsa' and about some 5 kids who solve riddles and mystery!!

A Journal Entry said...

heheh ashwa then i'm normal ;p

missed u even mooore! ;*

yeah it's amazing how a person changes!

i miss those days when dad used to tell me stories =)

oh oh the ladybird!
the ones with levels from 1-5 or something.. i used to love them too!

of course i will!!
no one is taking that away from me! heheh!

ruby woo
oh 3ad asameehum 9ij thaim.. oo esim il shir6y illy they compete with "shaweesh farqa3"
hhehe.. bs i love'em!

i've never read archies..

wow what a coincidence!

ok but now u make me feel oooooold! ur mom read them! =s

Single & Fabulous said...

oooooh mal awwal, ta5ta5, i forgot all about them until I saw your blog. I used to like reading them too !

A Journal Entry said...

Single & Fabulous
heheh i know they'r so old.. but i still love them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) check out that emo boy style over this blog: