Nov 22, 2008

Walking down memory lane- Part 2

this box file showcases my pure love and affection towards..


yes, i used to love everything about football.. i knew all the players' names, which nady they played in, their t-shirt numbers.. everything..
i was better than most of the boys out there.. my cousins came to me for refrence!

i used to open the sports section bil jareedah everyday and cut out players' pics and organize them in my file.. 1st comes 9uwar jama3iyah for il munta5ab.. then individual pics of each player..

after that comes a whole section dedicated for nadey il Qadsiyah..

la7thaw il diqah fee rasm il shi3ar ;p

my love for them didn't stop there, i had the back of my door fully covered with posters of players that i used to take out from "il riyathy" magazine (yes, i used to buy that mag weekly!).. i was a hardcore Qadsiyah fanatic illy i even had this sticker saved for my future car!

adry, 7alty 9a3bah! heheh ;p

now i have no interest at all in football.. yimkin i only watch the world cup, that is if i have nothing to do ;p


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

the scrap book is really nice =)

watever happened to that love for football? where did it go?

A Journal Entry said...

i don't know!
i guess i replaced it with a passion for vogue and elle ;p

Anonymous said...

I used to love playing soccer but nothing else related to it;p

Notorious said...

football i watch for only one reason (6)

Eulalia said...

shawagteeeeni! ok i have a cousin and i used to save pics of nadi il f7ai7eeel. *cringes* i know :/

Oranjina fadidra said...

your such a yellow hardcore fan..!!

eshda3wa said...

thats because kuwaiti soccer hal ayam moo kafo u have any interest in

Anonymous said...

Try Italian football ,,AC Milan to be exact..
or Barcelona ;p they're really worth it this season..
I'm a hardcore fan of the game.. always was, always will be ..


atoona said...

aww thats so cute... loved ur scrap-booking ;)

i bet ur dying to place that bumper sticker on ur car :P

Errant said...

wow that's so nice .. :)

Ruby Woo said...

yummaa shi6itich itkhari3.. I don't find football interesting, never have, never will. Ohh except when there are hot players involved (italy) hehe.

A Journal Entry said...

i'm not that good in playing it.. i stand and wait for the ball to come to me!

most girls watch it for that reason ;p

ok i won't comment on that ;p

oranjina fadidra
i was.. not anymore il 7imdillah!

exactly.. bs sha6reen yirf3oon il thagh6!

anonymous S
when it's the world cup i'm always on italy's side ;)

hahahah.. NOT!

yeah .. bs wallah kan lee 5ulg!

ruby woo
well now i'm like u ;)

Squirreliya said...

back then, kinna enbayeth elwayh mo al7een ;s

TOOTA said...

waaaay i used to hate football i loved barbies and there magazines ya and my magazine was very kash5a it was black and white cause my mom didn't allow me to buy the colored ones they were really '3leen it was 100 fils!! shifty!!;p

Fastidious Babe said...

me too im a world cup person now! lol loved the scrap book! xx

A Journal Entry said...

ee wallah 9ajah.. al7een suwaad wayh =/

i used to imagine that i had a salon and cut barbies hair oo paint their facec ya3ni makeup ;p

fastidious babe
it's the one worth seeing..

Anonymous said...

so here I see a big football fan :D

A Journal Entry said...

Yeah.. But not anymore!

F. said...

Scrap books were big back then...

And I don't blame you for abandoning football...please it sucks nowadays!

A Journal Entry said...

Yeah making them was really fun =)

Anonymous said...

OMG NO SERIOUSLY OMG!!!!!! I used to do that too!! collect all the clippings from the newspaper except I put all my pictures in a box... and I also knew all the players and everything.. and my love for soccer has faded but hasn't gone away... its so scary though;p I thought I was alone;p

libero anima said...

nice !..

i used to have scrap books of the Olsen twins and Hilary duff =p

Technogal said...

Seems you were a good football fan :) I am not into football at all! once I watched a football match but what happened at the end "a39abi Entalfat"!

A Journal Entry said...

purely orchid
i'm seriously begining to think that ur my lost twin!

libro anima
i love the olsens!

yeah it does get on the nerves sometimes.. i used to not sleep when there was an important match the following day!

BeBe said...

nice notebook :P and drawing of the she3ar it looks exactly like the real one :P
i used to like football n collected most of the photos of the players i liked
only europeans ones :P

A Journal Entry said...

ee la kint fannana ;p

sadia said...

your scrap looks really nice.
it's so sweet that you still have it! :)

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i love saving things as a thikrah =)