Nov 11, 2008


i went to see the new 007 movie and guess what?!

a 4-6 months old girl was there "watching" the movie too!!!
la oo she was sitting right infront of me =/

la ya3ni come on!
why ya3ni why bring an infant to a movie?!

aside from the fact that her crying during the movie annoys me oo prevents me from enjoying il film, all that noise and loud sounds of bullets and machines crashing is not healthy for a baby!

oh and u parents..
if u have nowhere to keep ur child, do u really have to see the movie?!
doesnt't ur baby's safety concern u?!
oo ba3dain shame on u! having fun 3ala 7sab il other people illy bil cinema =@

some people are just too selfish..

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Sham3at Al Jillas said...

There should be strict regulations about those kind of things. I hate it when parents are selfish and reckless. I am all for age restrictions!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

this is exactly i never go to the movies alone!
3shan lma e9eer maw8ef chithee i lean forward with my freind and loudly say "ambaih! some people 9ij ma yeste7ooon!" ;)

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL@dandon heheheh wala 7arakaat :P

bs sij, last weekend i ent to the movie o there were a 4yrs old girl with her daddy !! .. only her and her daddy !

ya3ni faj'a .. no way enha ehya galatla baba abi aro7 film bond!

S E 7 E N said...

eeeeeeee 7ada malaqa when they bring children to these movies ... if it was an animation fine .. but rated r oo other stuff kilish mala da3ii

Ruby Woo said...

Wigooloon shfee il jeel il yideed kila mitwatir o a3sab! That's why, ya3ni 7aram, do you know what it does to the child? Violent movies, violent video games.. Ignorance or just plain stupidity?

A Journal Entry said...

i agree with u.. may9eer chithy 3ala bu enna il aflaam emga6a3ah 3ady ay 3umir yid5loon.. still fe ashya2 compeletely unappropriate for a certain age..

hehehe 3ad il naqzaat ehya illy tanqith il mawqif sa3aat!

ee wallah!
3ad 4 yrs eshwaya tifham.. ma e5aaf 3alaiha min mashahid il 3unf wil dam?!

mo bas chithy ya3ni i'm surprised how the security guy aw hatha madry shismah let them in oo sold them a ticket!

ruby woo
ee wallah all this reflects on them in a bad way .. 9ij the ratings should be applied in kuwait..

jooj said...

oooh thats soo annoying I hate it when there are kids in the cinema let alone babies!! w shhal ahal y3ne bey3aqdoon ilyahil mn awlt-ha

A Journal Entry said...

eheheh ee bil thab6 maskeena il baby girl!

Ghadoor said...

walla nas ma teste7i
enzain etha fehm 6al3a o ma 3endhm a7ad yamsek their baby
at least ero7on mkan ghair el cinema

eshda3wa said...

ppl like that totally piss me off!

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Abbaih athakar marra my parents dakheloni "I Know what you did last summer' lama knt yahel.. I was about 7 or 8 maybee? ma kanaw yadrun ena ekhare3.. Bs they had their hands convering my eyes throughout 75% of the whole movie loool... I 7emdella ma ta3aqadt :P

Nemo said...


A Journal Entry said...

ee exactly!
roo7aw mukan thany!

mo kithry ;p

abi omi abi oboy
hatha laish mafrooth e7i6oon ratings!

i couldn't agree more ;)

Anonymous said...

3ady kids these days know more that us ;p

Spur said...

how annoying!! :@

BeBe said...

poor kid i really hate that
i went to a movie n there were two women fighting n shouting so damn loud that everyone was looking at them instead of the movie ! they were so annoying i wanted to watch the movie in peace ! it was the BEE movie BTW :P

PaLoMiNo said...

6afich ana mara i posted about this too!! tkhylaay ele yame kant ga3da etrath3 her baby!!! y3ni mo bas yaybtaa!! m6l3a her breasts o ga3da trathe3!!! zalma 6ab3an mo q8iya ;p

A Journal Entry said...

hahaha.. ee wallah ur right!

eee mo?!

i think enna it was more interesting than the movie itself!

eee eheheheh i remember!
la 3ad haathy ta5a6at il 7udood!

Errant said...

ha ha .. calm down girl !

i know it's annoying .. they ruined ur mood .. !

poor baby .. u must be hating him now ..

Anonymous said...

You know, the movie will come out on DVD! Blekh;\

MeeMzZ said...

omg WTH?! why? why? lahadarja they want to see the movie so bad!! hire a babysitter do something!! wallah if i were you i would call the man il security man ow ashkeelah!!;p

brown-suger said...

i hate that as well.. u know what i hate b3ad.. lama el 5adamaaa tyeeb elkids to watch a movie.. seriously! sh7aga yaybeenhum?? 9araw 3yal el 5adama.. wala shay e3awer el galb

Um Mit3ib said...

ana yal mara ma fahamt il film min awal mara... emwadeeen yahel tinthiwil feh ?

A Journal Entry said...

ee i really did hate them! ;p

i know.. bs sometimes i miss the experience of going to cinemas..

ma 7bait enny i make a scene by calling il security guy =/

eeee wallaaaaah!
9ij this is something that is spreading around oo wayd ga3id yitkarar.. bs 9ij manthar e3awir il galb =/

um mit3ib
edoodhoonha min 9ighirha!

Oranjina fadidra said...

some people are naturally stupid!

Fastidious Babe said...

omg kids at the movies is a big NO NO!!

MeeMzZ said...

ee 9a7!! you have a point!!;p

A Journal Entry said...

oranjina fadidra
i guess some are!

fastidious babe
i don't know why other ppl don't get that.. it's simple!

heheh ;)