Jan 5, 2009

2 in 1

I got tagged twice a while ago oo finally I'm doing them now!

the 1st one is by BeBe, the tag was to choose a blogger and talk about him/her.. (sorry BeBe it took me that long!), I'll take this as a chance to address some bloggers that I've been missing:

- Delicately Realistic: I say quit your job as a doctor oo jableena!! shino hatha min ballashtay dawam oo u rarely ever post =/

- Purely Orchid: Update update update update!

- Enchanteurs: last posted on 1 Nov??!

- Eulalia: last posted on 29 Nov??!

to all of u i say shiddaw 7ailkum oo nazloolina post.. 3al aqal wishing us a happy new year ;p

now on to the 2nd tag...

i've been tagged by Zuz, Think-Become, and Lost b2amreeka to do the honesty tag, the rules are to write 10 things about urself that r true, and tag 7 bloggers..

1. I honestly don't know what to say when i meet someone i know oo asallim 3alaih.. after "hi, shloonich? sha5barich?" madry shino agool! i hate the awkwardness that follows that!

2. I have to have a piece of chocolate il 3a9ir with tea.. it's a ritual! bas I can't eat a whole bar of chocolate, i feel guilty! ;p

3. I'm obsessed with hair products from shampoos to leave-in conditioners, i love trying stuff bs i end up bs akawidhum!

4. I don't like being the center of attention.

5. I like driving alone in my car just enjoying the music without having to chat with someone.

6. I try my best not to cry infront of ppl, I don't want them seeing me in a weak position. I find showing emotions very difficult

7. I don't know how to act in situations that need sur3at badeeha! ya3ni mathalan etha wa7da 6a7at yammy oo 5ashimha gam e9ab9ib dam atdoodah madry shasawy!

8. I wish that i can always say what i wanna say in the exact moment it should be said, mo ba3adha ag3ad agool laitny gilt chithy oo laitny gilt chithaak.

9. I can live only on toast and cheese and be very happy!

10. I find difficulty answering questions that, for example, want me to say 10 honest things about myself. it takes me forever to come up with answers =P

the tagging-other-bloggers part: i think by now most of u got tagged =)



Zaina said...

I could relate with 1, 7 and 8 ;p
bas akthar shay 8... ana no3ii I freeze up itha sumthing happens. ou ba3dain mathalaan lama i'm alone. i over analyze. way lo gayla chthiii bidal ma sikat! shay inarfez.....

zuz said...

1- 7dy like u:S, once sheft w7da mn zman masheft'ha, mn el 5ar3a galatly o ba3aaaad shemsawyaaa? chan agolaha wallah! o sekat:|, shno wallah;\!, maskeena el bnia en9admat chan ten7ash;\,8 too, kella agol lo gayla!lo msawya!o atnarfaz wa3a9eb:P

A Journal Entry said...

ee oo hatha shay 7addah enarfiz =/


wala lamman u wanna end it oo say "ok 3aya" oo eb nafs il wagt she asks u something trying to make a convo.. yal fashlaaah chinnich kintay tabeen il fakkah minha!!

Venus said...

abt syr3at badeha,i think being rubbed by so many situations, may let u act quickly even though i admit that some situations are hard to act toward them
good babes for doing the tag ;ppp

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i guess so.. practise makes perfect ;)

Anonymous said...

walla zwena tawha etgoli sawee post 3anhom !!!

D.R sarlaha shahar !!

ana men sij gemt a7ate Enchanteurs!

i just left a comment 3end Purly ashwa at lest her last comment was on Dec 29!

ya banaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat weeenkoM!!

TOOTA said...

I wish that i can always say what i wanna say in the exact moment it should be said, mo ba3adha ag3ad agool laitny gilt chithy oo laitny gilt chithaak.<<< ana whatever it come to my mind i say it i can't control what i'm thinking!! so it happens to me too!! i wish i could like say the right thing in the right momment!!:P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

#3 and #9 are soooooooooooo me!!

its so scary =D

oo i agree abt the missing bloggers! wallah madree shino hatha =(

A Journal Entry said...

ee 9ij wallah il wa7id e7aty.. ya3ni chinna 9ar 3indina 3ayla thanya 3al internet en7ateeha may9eeer chithy =/

ee wallah 9ij chan zaain =/

A Journal Entry said...

heheh 3ad nadir ma alga a7ad mithy on #9 =)

FourMe said...

I like being alone when driving as well.. come to think of it I like me time more than having ppl around :/

atoona said...

i'm obsessed with hair products too! no matter how many kinds i have, i still manage to get more!

toast and cheese? lol.. akel ba6! hehe i like it too, bs i can't survive solely on it :p

S E 7 E N said...

5) i do the same to get my thoughts out .... don't know how listening to techno will make me get my thoughts out but it does

9) i totally agree + OJ ...

PaLoMiNo said...


A Journal Entry said...

yeah fe awqat il wa7id malah 5ulg il ez3aj wil nas..

a9lan come see ruf il shower.. alf noo3 shampoo oo kilhum asta5dimhum!

ok 9arly eshkithir ga3da a7awil aktishif shino ya3ni OJ... what do u mean?!?

ee a7is etha kalait wayd ajramt fee 7aq bashrity! ;p

Cooookies said...

5 - im getting the habit to that now

9 - i need icecream to live :P

Think-Become said...

i think i commented earlier bas can seem to find my comment, i love number nine.. i can live on toast and cheese my whole life...

A Journal Entry said...

icecream is not as heathy as toast and cheese ;p

eee wallah nothing beats that combo!

Gee said...

#4,5 same here ;p

BeBe said...

lol it's ok i even forgot that i tagged u :P

A Journal Entry said...

ee killish mo 5oosh shay when u enter a room oo kil kil e6al3ich.. waai3!

heheh ashwa ;p

Nemo said...

i share with you 7, 8, 9 :p
i can live on tost o jeben lol

nice list :)

A Journal Entry said...

3ad killish mo 5oosh shay if u r like me in # 7 & 8!