Jan 16, 2009

Walking on clouds

When I was a little kid It was my dream to be able to walk on clouds.. I imagined how it would feel.. fluffy and soft.. 6ab3an kil hatha min ta2ther “care bears” aw il “dubaba il 7anoonah”.. I used to love that cartoon, collecting stickers and all! (6ab3an a7la il stickers kanat 3ind my sis oo ma kanat tirtha ta36eeny illa ba3ad 7annah.. her’s kanaw kash5a made out of fabric oo 7arakaat!)

I took this pic from the plane on a recent trip.. the shape of the clouds were so perfect that they had me wishing I could walk on them all over again.


FourMe said...

i looooooooove care bears! and I still wana walk on clouds!! they feel so fluffy and nice :)

moi said...

wow! the pic is sooo nice!! 3ayal ana i always wanted to eat them:$ a7es 6a3amhom marshmallows;\, o iused to collect care bears stickers too! bas kash5a 3la 5am:P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

7ata ana!
i wanna walk on clouds and the moon =D

bs sha5bary elstickers? kint ayeen 3laihom! ;)

in my choos said...

i LOVE care bears!! <3

the picture is breathtaking xx


Lost b2amreeka. said...

i wanted to fly through the clouds like peter pan! The pic is beautiful!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Wow the pic is Amazing ..

yeah me too i wanna walk on them !

Think-Become said...

i love the scene of clouds.. i always choose the seat next to the window to catch the clouds

Lili3 said...

I want to fly over the clouds like a birdy!! (it sucks that the airplane ride did nothing in accomplishing that dream)

3anooda said...

lo feeh photogrpahy competition u have to enter this pic

Charmbracelet said...

the picture is amazing !!!=O I love it
I don't think walking on clouds is a good idea =p

Nemo said...

el pic is so amaaaaaaaazing

Fastidious Babe said...

caaaaaare beaaaaars! <3<3 love the pic! x

A Journal Entry said...

yeah eshawgoony laman il cover malhum min clouds!

hmmmm i've never thought about eating them... 3ad they do look tasty!

hehehe eee i was a stickers collector.. i used to have 4 books ma artha a7ad ejeeshum!

in my choos
they'r soo adorable!

lost b3amreeka
3ad et9adgeen i never liked peter pan! =/

yeah i think it's about time they invent something that let us walk on them =/

ee i try my best to have a window seat as well, oo atanajar wiya hubby 3alaih (bs i always win;p)

yeah it really does =/

omg min 9ij?!
wow thank u i'm flattered! =D

charmbracelet n
heheh but it would be fun!

thanx alot dear =D

fastidious babe
i love it too! =)

Shoush said...

I used to be a huge fan of Carebears too! :)

libero anima said...

aaaah the clouds look so tempting =)

Ruby Woo said...

that day we spring cleaned our whole house of ashya' malha da3i.. including video tapes. So we threw all the movies and cartoons bas I took the collection of the care bear movies and khashait'hom ib kabati without them knowing, cuz bizifooni ;p

I love love love care bears!

±What±Im±about± said...

If only ,,, ! ;p nice pic btw ;**

nyxxie said...

i used to think they were cotton candy as a kid hehe..

ajournalentry drop me a line on my email nyxxie@gmail.com i've made my blog private but would like you to continue being a reader. <3

A Journal Entry said...

aren't the cute?!

libero anima
they sure do!

ruby woo
heheheh! zain sawaitay!
childhood videos shouldn't be thrown out 7aram!

what im about
ee wallah if only..
thanx =)

thanx alot for inviting me =D
will sure do..

Cooookies said...

when i was kid my cuzin told me that ppl actually live up there on the clouds .. and whenever i got on a plane id look for them :S

Stitch said...

i want to chew them!

The clouds not the care bears LOL

Amethyst said...

I love the photo, but I never had that wish ever..

eshda3wa said...

my good i used to looove care bears!

TOOTA said...

allllaah walk on clouds!!:P i still wanna do this!!:P

On-The-Rocks said...

hello, i have changed the address of my blog.

new blog:



Abdulrazzaq (previously think-become)

libero anima said...

I've passed the butterfly award to you dude ! =D

On-The-Rocks said...

i tagged you

F. said...

Nice shot.

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

beautiful picture

Anonymous said...

wow you just reminded me of some old memories!

A Journal Entry said...

thats sooooo cute!

i wana chew them all!!
hehehe ;p

thank u ;)

theyr sooo cute!

ee a7is sh3oor 7addah wanasah!

on the rocks
okaaaay.. thanx for letting me know =)
and i'll do the tag ilyoum (enshallah)

libero anima
thaanx alot! =*

thanx =)

my silhouette in red
merci ;)

heheh ee sha5bary mo?!


Hiiii...nice pic thanks for your share with us...felt myself soo freee,alone,happy all my feels mix..thanks from istanbul.nice blog and nice posts...

A Journal Entry said...

thank u for ur kind words.. glad u liked it! =)

Anonymous said...

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