Jan 23, 2009

3 in 1

here's another 3 tags post..

tag #1:

spreading the love with a hug!
ive been hugged by zuz and Zaina, i have to pass the hug to 10 bloggers.so:

1. FourMe.
2. FourMe.
3. FourMe.
4. FourMe.
5. FourMe. (here r 5 hugs just for u, 3ashan u know eshkithir we care about u)
6. Liivingmyliife. (3ashan ma tfakreen enich etsakreen ur blog again!)
7. Libero anima.
8. Fastidious babe.
9. Eshda3wa.
1o. Dandoon

tag #2:

right there on my shelf between the books stands proudly a butterfly shaped statue.. (thanks goes to Libero anima for awarding me this =D )

now 'll have to pass it to 10 bloggers. And the award goes to:

1. LiivingmyLiife : ur "dearly beloved" truely takes my breath away!
2. Um Manaf (the story blog) : urs does too!
3. Um Manaf (the original): i looove ur sence of humer!
4. Um Mit3ib: urs does too!!
5. Dandoon: 3ashan etzeedeen ur collection ;p
6. on the rocks: bcoz u rock!
7. Glitter: i love ur posts!
8. Eshda3wa: urs too!
9. layla: i love the pics u post.. amazing!
10. Ruby woo: i love ur posts too!

tag #3:
The favourites.

i've been tagged by on the rocks and Zaina..
Rules: add a new favourite to the list and pass it on to 10 to 15 bloggers.

now on to the favs:

Favourite colour: i seriously don't have a favourite!

Favourite getaway place: my livingroom

Favourite perfume (guys): Creed's Imperial Millesime

Favourite perfume (girls): Chloe

Favourite pj brand: no particular brand.

Favourite clothes brand in general: no particular brand.

Favourite person in the entire world: hubby!

Favourite country (not including your own): France, Paris in particular.

Favourite car: hmmmm meserati

Favourite sport: swimming.

Favourite sport player: no one!

Favourite spot in Kuwait: madry!!

Favourite animal: Cats

Favourite movie: You've got mail.

Favourite singer: no one in particular.. yimkin 3bdilmajeed..

Favourite day in the week: thursday

Favourite time of the day: il 3a9ir-magharb

Favourite holiday season: any hoilday will be ma fav!

Favourite number: 4

Favourite food: machboos diyay, mu3ajanat, pastas

Favourite chocolate: Lindt

Favourite cartoon: hmmm 9a7ib il thil il 6aweel, wadi il aman.

Favourite bloggers: the ones i'm always around.

Favourite Flavour Ice Cream: rainbow, strawbery cheese cake, shiko riko!

Favourite actress: no one in particular.. yimkin meg rayan!

*Favourite nail colour and brand: essie's "no boundaries" & "bold & beautiful"

now i tag:

lost eb amreeka, F, moi, Dandoon, lili3, aaaand 3anooda

heheh a5eeeraan i'm done.. ta3abt ;p
5ala9 no more tags for the upcoming 3 months!



Lost b2amreeka. said...

7abeebtii I did this tag, but thanks for the tag ;***

moi said...

thanx for the tag;*, maly 5elg asaweeeeh:P i'll do it later;*

Um-Manaf said...

i love ur posts too!

FourMe said...


Glitter said...

ThanX Sweets ;-*

libero anima said...

aaaawh thaaanx man ! hugs u back ! =**

A Journal Entry said...

lost b2amreeka
oh sorry nesait!

heheh 7adda mo shar6!

um manaf
hehe thanx!


tistahlain! ;)

libero anima
anytime! ;)

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

fourme ana 7adi a7ateeha :-(

Ruby Woo said...

awww thank you ;*

and shlon ur favorite time of the day is 3a9ir? wai wai wai it gives me a migraine just by mentioning it. I hate it! I like mornings or nights, anything in between is a no-no

zina said...

tag me :P
how can i join Dewanyat el Banat? x\

A Journal Entry said...

my silhouette in red
ee wallah me toooo =(

ruby woo
hhehe coz it's the time when i be a couch potato doing nothing useful watching tv and surfing the net!

hehehe then concider urself tagged!

if u want to join the dewaniyah ask Gee or jouja, they r the admins =)

F. said...

Thanks. So I add one of my favourite stuff to the list?

A Journal Entry said...

yeah u re-write all ur favs in all the listed points then u add a new one of urs =)

Zabo0o6a said...

Ya ba5at.hum bas !
9a7eb el'6el el6aweeeeeel that's something i wanna watch now !

A Journal Entry said...

waaay kint amooot 3ala judy abot!

Gee said...

mashalla .. allah yzeed o ybarek ;p

On-The-Rocks said...

favourite food: machbooos and mu3ajannat.. yummmmmmm, 7adda latheeeth oo ematin

Anonymous said...

I like you favorites...they are all natural unlike those who write I love this and that :D

A Journal Entry said...

Kil shway ezeed wa7id!

on the rocks
kil ma 9ar latheeth kil ma 9ar ematin!

Thats me! Heheh! ;)

eshda3wa said...

oo ham


thank u babaes :**