Jan 7, 2009

Seizing the opportunity

What better time to go shopping than during a football game?!
i took advantage of our team's game today to do some quick shopping in a friendly, skyhigh-straightened-hairdos free environment, i needed to go to a certain shop fa gilt aroo7 during the 1st half b3dain arja3 akamil the 2nd half.. bs i somehow ended up entering shop after shop giving my cards some exercise ;p oo ma 5alla9t ella oo ohwa bagy bas 2 min oo et5alli9 il mubara.. If it weren't for my carrier bags chan 7addy ta7asaft oo thag 5ulgy!!

on my way back home ppl were honking their horns oo emshaghleen il flashers.. kan il wath3 e7assis il wa7id bil wa6aniya =)

thank u alazrag for this much needed win.. sha3abna min zimaaaaaaaaan ma estanas, thakartooh bayam awal..



moi said...

yamtaktak el kas lak ,lek wa7dek min '3air shak:P! maba'3aw efozon!

TOOTA said...

LOOOL!!;p 9aja minzoooman mastanasna UMBII ILMASEERAT 3AJEEBEEN!!;P

A Journal Entry said...

my fav song ;)

eee 7adhum!
it was far7a 6al3ah min galb =)

zuz said...

alf e9alat wel salam 3lek ya7abeb allaaah mu7ammad kololoooooooosh:P!

Cooookies said...

allah moi u reminded me of the soong !!


eshda3wa said...

ana ertifa3 thagh6i watching the game

im so glad they won

winshallah more to come

Think-Become said...

likwaitiyeen etha7koom oo 7adhum fatheeen, yan6iroon inna6ra 3ashan yaf9ilooon.. i love them :P

Lili3 said...

Mabrook 2lfoz! :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i was stuck in traffic for an hour yet...

the irony is i didnt know what the amseera was for until i got back home lol ;)

A Journal Entry said...

gololololooosh! ;p

tak tkeek!

eee egoloon il sho6 il thany kanat il eeed 3al galb!

heheheh eee may9adgoon 3alallah!

allah ebarik feech thanx!

oolah sa3a?!
la ashwa ana kanaw chithy mithil magilt bas hirnat oo emshaghleen il flashers.. no za7ma no wagfa bil shari3 no dancing!

Anonymous said...

Once I heard the honking I knew they won so I changed my route ;p

A Journal Entry said...

heheh zain etsawy.. ashwa it wasn't crouded were i was =)

Gee said...

lol zain tsaween .. o allah ytamem 3laina hal fooz inshalla

mo shay neshta6 al7in o ba3dain nendeger :p

Fastidious Babe said...

wanaasaa! sounds like a fun day with the perfect end x

Ruby Woo said...

waay it7iseen sij feena fagrat FOZ!

A Journal Entry said...

ameeeen.. ee killish mo shay!

fastidious babe
yeah it was =)

ruby woo

libero anima said...

whooooow ! mabro00o0o0o0k for winning ! =D

and i loove going in the maseeras after a game .. as u said ey7asisch bel wa6aneya .. especially when u see the flags everywhere !

A Journal Entry said...

libero anima
allah ebarik feech =D
Ee 7adda sh3oor 7ilo =)

Glitter said...

ana don't watch football anymore coz my heart can't take anymore disappointments!!

F. said...

Congrats to everyone on the win :)

Zabo0o6a said...

loool, wallah 5oosh fekra ma56arat 3ala baley .

A Journal Entry said...

Ee wallah mo mithil awal 7asafa 3laihum =/

Allah ebarik feech =)

Try it, u'll notice the difference ;)

Oranjina fadidra said...

a5eran about time, ma ba'3aww