Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Kil 3am wintaw eb 5air =D
may this year brings u happiness and be filled with joy...

how was ur new year's eve??

mine was at home watching Dexter and eating pizza!
at around 11.58pm we heard the sound of fireworks so we took a break to go outside and watch it.. bs ma kan ebayin shay! oh well.. i'm sure ma 6afna shay! ;p



zuz said...

happy new year:D:D, ana i spent it at my cousin's house we ordered mc;\ o watched tv

Nemo said...

happy new year :)))
mine was watching desperate housewives lol o eating '7bz o jeben o chai

zina said...

may 2009 brings you success, good times & happiness
& b filled with togetherness with my family and friends ;)
Happy New Year all :D

Gee said...

happy new year ;**

mine was on the fone woth jouja :p

Anonymous said...

Happy new year :)

mine was sitting online and then went to sleep ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wishing you a wonderful new year sis ;**

i spent mine online with anony, zawee, fourme, squirreliya, zon and atoona =D

BeBe said...

hope all ur dreams come true :P

PaLoMiNo said...


atoona said...

sena sa3eeda 2 you tooo!!

lol @ dexter!

u could've joined us @ ruby's c-box, el wath3 kan mo 9j ;p

MeeMzZ said...


3anooda said...

Happy New Year - i was at a party with my cousins and it was quite broing. 6 course dinner thing mal 3ayayiz. lakin the fireworks were AMAZING. and we were right there. just under them. u can even feel the heat of the fireworks. it was breathtaking

jooj said...

haBBy new year!!
i was .. i think on the phone lol mathkr bas it was uneventful!

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Kent naw3an ma nayma 3ala ro7i madree shesalfa bel gha9eeb trying to stay awake bs 3ashan lay6ofni shay looool =P

Technogal said...

Happy new year! I spent the new year in the chalet with friends and family :)

FourMe said...

happy new year JE :*

spent mine with the girls online and it was actually hilarious :)

Fastidious Babe said...

happy new year! i was out with the girls.. we had a blast.. the weather was kinda off tho! no fireworks for us.. but over all we had a good time :)

hope u have a great one x

Lili3 said...

Have a happy new year!!!! lets hope it will be more awesome than 08!! XD

Squirreliya said...

haaappy new yearrr ;*

S E 7 E N said...

happy later new year :)

PHILYRA said...

Happy new year to you tooooo!!
Poo! I didnt get to see any fireworks... too busy sleeping haha

q8Honey said...

Happy new year :)

A Journal Entry said...

A7la shay spending it with family =)

Pretty simelar to mine =)

Thank u dear =¤

Heheh.. ham a7san min doing nothing!

Oo egde wa3alayah ga3ad broo7ah?!

dandoon, atoona, and FourMe
why wasn't i invited ? =(
Heheh laaa 3laikum bil 3aaaafyah oo glad u had fun =¤

Same to u dear =D

And a wonderful one to u to

Thank u.. 2 u 2 =)

3al aqal fee signs of celebration.. It's better than nothing!

killish not eventful illy u don't remember what u did!

abi omi abi oboy
Heheh early sleeper ha?!

Wanasah nothing beats spending it with
Family and friends =)

fastidious babe
Glad u had fun!

Enshallah it will =)

2 u 2 dear =D

And a happy one 2 u 2 =)

Hehehe i sure u didn't miss anything!

2 u 2 dear =)

Layla said...

Happy Belated new yearr.. Missed yaaaa.

Think-Become said...

happy belated new year :P

mine was crazy, i just got home from new year's eve !!!

i was invited to several places and i saw a lot of people and had lots of fun :P

Venus said...

happy new year sista:*
aham shay ma 6afkum shay P:

zuz said...

u've been tagged:D


Think-Become said...

you've been tagged in my blog

eshda3wa said...

happy new year to u too

TOOTA said...

well happy new year too you and your new year isn't that bad after all!!;p anyways i hope you have a great new year

A Journal Entry said...

and a happy one to u too =*

gald u had fun! =D

heheh ahawin 3ala nafsy 3ashan ma at7asaf ;P

zuz & think-become
coming right up ;)

thank u ;)

same to u =)