Apr 28, 2008

Strange habbits?!

I love food.. and i'm not the kind of person that eats fast, i think of eating fast as a waste of il ni3ma illy god gave to us.. we should enjoy every spoonful and take time to appreciate it!!

most people i know finish their plate in 10 minutes, why are they in such a hurry?!
they also say that i'm really slow and have the weirdest habbits in eating, but it's just because (as i said before) i love to enjoy food.. plus that's the healthy way of eating, right? ;)

however, i do have certain habbits.. for example, it has got to be the right amount of daqoos mixed with il machboos.. and i always eat the thing i like most at the end , saving the best for last! =D

what brought this subject up?

i was eating skittles and i ALWAYS eat it in this order:
orange, purple, red, yellow, then the best flavor, the green one!

hmm .. come to think of it, i might be a tiny bit weird!


FourMe said...

I'm one of the slowest eaters in the world and each bite has to be the perfect bite from size to taste. I'm extremely picky oh and I only eat the brown ones :p

A Journal Entry said...

la ashwa i'm not so picky with food.. i know some one whos so picky he doesn't even eat min akil the neighbours when they send a nig9ah

Ansam said...

LOL we all have some of those inexplainable habbits hehehehe

Fastidious Babe said...

i like the red one most.. and i am done with my plate (or food en generale) in less than 5 mins.. i dont eat much i guess :P

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
laaaaa u should take time to enjoy it!
3ayal if i sat down with u for dinner or lunch 3ady ti6la3lich groon!

A Journal Entry said...

ashwa 3ayal i'm normal!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I eat the yellow first, then the orange, then the green, the red, and finally, the best flavor in the world, the purple.
I also save the best for last. I get angry when my dad thinks I don't want it and picks it off my plate!

Anonymous said...

I was in Red Lobster once and I take my sweet sweet time eating my crab legs .. Of course everyone had finished before me .. and faj2a the waiter guy comes and asks my friends "are you guys also sick of watching her eat? i know i am" kan widi a5eth el crab leg wakfe5a fee .. qathniii!!!

A Journal Entry said...

heheheh i hate it when ppl i'm with assume enna ily i'm saving it for last enny ma abeeeh!
that happens to me as well sometimes! heheh

oo the waiter a7isah qa9ib enna i'm funny.. ya kirihum lay tifalsifaw..
aham shay enna u enjoy it wil bajy kaifhum! ;)