Jun 28, 2008

Orange Obsession

I just bought the yummiest shade of orange that ever existed!
I can't stop looking at my nails.. i'm in love ;P


Amethyst said...

I love that orange!

eshda3wa said...


abi pic of ur nails!

A Journal Entry said...

bil 9ij ba3ad wayd a7la!

ok here's the thing ... 3indy 3uqdah! ma a7ib ppl look at my hands or feet nails!!! heheh! ;P

but i'll update with a pic of one nail ;P

FourMe said...

that is a nice colour! looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

7adda 3ajeeb!! :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Only shades of dark reds look good on me ;/ i should give u my many bottles of unused oranges and fuchsias

A Journal Entry said...

fourme & dandoon
thaaaaanx =D

Delicately Realistic
i used to be like u.. only french & dark reds.. but try experementing it's fun!

but i agree with u on fuchias.. very unflattering on me

Feminist™ said...

loved the color :D

i love the very shiny " fesfori " pink .. madri shfeeni yannah 3leh ;p

A Journal Entry said...

oh i'm in love with it to!
but not on me.. i can't pull off alwan fisforiyah =S

Big Pearls said...

I'm not an orange person but I have to admit that shade is amazing.

Fastidious Babe said...

i know! orange makes u feel ALIVE and on the go! that's why im sticking to shades of coral this summer!

looks fab babe! x

A Journal Entry said...

big pearls
i'm totaly in love with it! ;)

fastidious babe
3ad wallah when i was paying at the cashier u crossed my mind!
i remembered u telling me a while ago to put on coral polish with my gladiator shoes! ;)

Fastidious Babe said...

oh u got em? i just saw this pic and i just don't think she's wearing em right! wla inty shu raych? check it out


sourire said...

i love love love that shade! may i steal? haha

i just got a hot pink polish from zoya, its gorgeous you should get it :)

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
yeah me too.. it's much nicer with a floral light dress.. coz it's a bit rough and needs to be worn with feminin dresses.. not with jeans..

why steal?! i can lend it for u if u want to (that's how sweet i am! ;Pp )
were do they sell zoya here?

Anonymous said...

oooh I like!! so fresh and summery!

F. said...

Cute :D

I've been trying to find the right bottle of nail polish for ages now...I don't think that orange would look as good on me as it does you though :)

Anonymous said...

3endi nafsa :D

wayed 7elo o classic!

Ruby Woo said...

summer + orange nails = tres sexy!

Feminist™ said...

lol .. it doesnt goes on me 2

bs la2 ana gha9eb i wear it ;p

Squirreliya said...

lol 3al 1/2 finger :p 7ada yshaweg elcolor

A Journal Entry said...

yeah it does scream summer!

go try it on o enshallah it will look great on u ;)

mashallah 7aaaaaddich thiweeqah ;P

ruby woo
*walks around in her best catwalk imitation... and eta3archab as she was about to strike a pose*

lol! hehhe way to go girl that's the spirit! =D

hehehe i know shasawy eb hal 3uqdah ;P
oo thaaanx =)

Anonymous said...

3alaich bil 3afya sweetie. I love Lancome!

Anonymous said...

not my topic to comment on but I like the cool summer color :)

A Journal Entry said...

it's my 1st time buying nail polish from them.. i only buy their mascra & juicy tubes =)

heheh i know! ;P
but thanx! ;)

sourire said...

hehe you're too sweet :)

you can get zoya from brush (the hair salon in tha7ya) or vava voom

A Journal Entry said...

thanx alot i'll go check them out =)

Bebe & Noonie said...

I like ;)

Oranjina fadidra said...

Its contagious ba3ad ma tadreeen?!

A Journal Entry said...

thanx ;)

Oranjina fadidra
ee wallah!

nyxxie said...

that looks nice 3laich bel 3afyeh :>

A Journal Entry said...

allah e3afeech =)

sourire said...

Anytime (:

Dr.paula said...

liked the color and wow am so into painting nails :D

A Journal Entry said...

yeah me to i enjoy painting my nails alot =)

Feminist™ said...

im wearing an orange nail polish,
so i remembered you ;p

Faten said...

awwww that's a beautiful colour..
love it :)

hamitaf la b. said...

my nail polish is orange.. its soo pretty :)

G |-| a |) 0 o |2 said...

9ertai 6qem m3a my blog layout ;Pp

A Journal Entry said...

hehehe enjoy it ;)

it is!
thaaanx =)

so r u obsessed with it like me?! (say yes.. make me feel normal! ;p )

G |-| a |) 0 o |2
ee wallah 9irna 6aqum! ;P

Anonymous said...

i had the same color on a while ago i loved it too !!!

New Bride said...

yammmy eshaweg mashalaah

A Journal Entry said...

i just took it off.. i miss it already! ;P

new bride
thaaaaanx =)