Aug 30, 2008

Effortlessly stylish

i love everything in Charlize Theron's look here.. from her oversized glasses to her stacked bracelets and flats.. everything! .. i love the blazer over a dress look.. i think i will give it a try =)


Amethyst said...

I love the new header!

Charlize Theron is my fave actress;)

A Journal Entry said...

amethyst ur baaaack?!
thaaanx alot ;)

Music, Happiness, Love said...

she's gorgeous!
dont u feel sometimes u see something on a celeb and u try something similar it doesn't look the same?
It always happens to me

Ruby Woo said...

She's beautiful!

and I actually like her style more off the red carpet.

Anonymous said...

I love that smile :)

F. said...

Very pretty.

A Journal Entry said...

music happiness love
yeah that does happen!
ya3ni teyeech wa7da ryoolha 6ool charlize mathalan etsheel il libs shail!

ruby woo
yeah me too!
on red carpets shes too much drama!

yeah she has a nice smile

very pretty indeed!

MeeMzZ said...

ee i love her in everyway beauty, style, looks etc...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE DRESS!!!!!! o way abaih itshabehni :$ ;p

Delicately Realistic said...

Yakhtich il6ool, il6oool...ysawi shogul...!! Lo shino talbis 7ilo 3alaiha !!

Zahra said...

Mashallah she always looks amazing and put together. She can wear anything and look good!

Bebe n' Noonie said...

yea she looks good!!:p
I try some stuff out like that bs mithil ma hq said it doesnt look as good !!:p

A Journal Entry said...

me too!

i'm so in love with the dress 3ajeeeb!
lol! ana maby shibah'ha .. ana aby 6oolha bas

delicately realistic
ee wallah il 6ool 3amil 3amaylooh!

yeah ur right!
some ppl ohma illy e7allon il libs oo she's one of them..

u know.. i have a black blazer yishbah malha oo many 3arfa albisah! i've tried it with dresses i have bas ma yi6la3 7ilo mithil ma ohwa 3alaiha..

├J o u j a┤™ said...

kalba 7adha zooooqa and stylish

A Journal Entry said...

eeeee 7adha etshawig enhy

Layla said...

Omg it's sooo cuuuute... I got a black blazer mn zemaan & still in my closet with it's tag on. Shakle I'll give it a tryyy. Gorgouesss!!