Aug 7, 2008


Today i had two of my wisdom teeth removed.. i was so scared before i went in.. i literally shaked like a leaf while i was sitting on the chair.. but luckily i had a very good doctor.. i didn't feel a thing! no pain at all.. well, except for one of the injections.. which really didn't hurt that much, the pain was tolerable .. 7atan i didn't believe him when he said enna we'r done!

now the good thing is?

i get to eat icecream as much as i want! oo without even feeling guilty ;P


├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

7emdella 3al salama ;p
o 3awafi :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yum...
Mashed potatoes and soup are good too! :)

├J o u j a┤™ said...

who is ur Dr ?
iam almost 24 o lel7een 3ndi thers labani ;p can u believe it ;p
i need to remove it bs ana wayed a5af men hal swalif :(

Bebe n' Noonie said...

7mdla 3ala ilsalama;**
yaaay ice creamm!! Ben n jerrys!!:p

Ruby Woo said...

my sister had all four removed. she said it hurts afterwards!!

Are you in pain now? huuh, huh are you?

PaLoMiNo said...

umbeh i think i have to get them removed bas 7adi khyfa:( abe banj kamil!!!
who's ur dr ?:( akhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf JE :(
wayhch entfakh? ;p

Delicately Realistic said...

7amdillah 3ela selmatich !

Nothing beats ice creams ;>

Bil 3afya !

Anonymous said...

i'm almost 25 w i still have them. LOOOL. inzain shino ice-cream ay flavour it7ebeen?

A Journal Entry said...

allah esalmich dear =)

th dr told me i can only eat cold food.. especially icecream..

dr.m7amad il noury..
oolah thirs labany lail7een?? masadig!

allah esalmich =D
il thahir enny ams enfilat 3al icecream.. now iwoke p with a soar throat =S

ruby woo
hehehhe yal na7eeesah!!
etishamitain feeny tara bachir allah yableech!! =Pp
la ashwa it's been 16 hours now oo ma e3awir still =P
bs chinna fee shay ethayig.. but no pain il 7imdillah..

Dr.m7amad il noury.. i told him 3ady ezeed il jur3ah malat il mu5adir! hehhe gam yith7ak 3alay ;P
but wallah yimkin i had 3 ubar.. egiz wa7da oo yan6ir shway.. bs he said enna he likes to take his time 3alshan ma e3awir wayd..
la bas la tan6reen 3ala throosich.. the sooner u remove them the better..

delicately realistic
allah e3afeech thanx!

nothing beats vanilla icecream!
og i also like rainbow mal baskin robbins.. oo strawberry cheesecake mal haagen dazs .. yum!

Amethyst said...


Shoush said...

Really? A few months ago shilt one tooth oo ma galooli i cud eat ice cream. :P Bs i was not allowed to lay down for a few hours. Wain shilti?

Shoush said...

And 7amdila 3ala ilsalama babe. :*

Music, Happiness, Love said...

wat doctor did u go to?
i removed 4 of my teeth and it didnt hurt while he removed them but it hurt after wards. lets just say i was taking A LOT of pain killers

Ruby Woo said...

Allaah balani ib hal hair clip!! Hathi 3ainich akeed 3ainich la'ani tishamat feech :p

A Journal Entry said...

allah e3afeech ;)

how evil of them not to tell u such important thing.. it's the high light of the whole thing! =/
i took it off fee 3iyadat il bayan..

music, happiness, love
3ind dr.m7amad il noury fe 3iyadat il bayan..
ooofff 4 marrah wa7dah?!
la ana qassamt'hum 2 in one day oo next time i'll remove one.. coz 3indy wa7id lail7een ma 6ala3..

ruby woo
hehehehehhe ... eee allah ma y6ig eb 3a9a!! ;P
the 1st thing that crossed my mind when i read ur post enna abaaaaaih mo 9ij! tawha eteshammat feeny!

la 7abeebty 3ad ma tistahlain =*

Squirreliya said...

weh eftakaitaay mashallah ..3o2balna ;p i removed 1 w bagii 1 khayfa asheela!

Meticulous said...

7amdelaaa 3el salama !!
i remember when i did mine my face was so swollen!
enjooy the tidala3ain 3ala ppl cuz your sick and take advantage :P

P-Ella said...

no pain thats better:D bs never had one really @@ g3dtay chm months or days with wisdom teeth and the pain?

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Hey ! No fair! I want to eat guilt-free ice-cream too !

Meh, sum ppl get all the fun around here;/

A Journal Entry said...

eee 7addah fakkah!

allah esalmich..
eeeee i'm taking advantage of it 3al aaa5ir! hehe

la i didn't have a problem with my wisdom teeth.. had them for almost a year and a half.. but the dr. thought it would be better to remove them now before they start affecting the teeth next to them..

muwahhahahaa! *laughs an evil laugh while eating a spoonful of icecream ;p *

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

7amdella 3asalama :)
oo enjoy the icecream ;)

A Journal Entry said...

allah esalmich dear thanx ;)