Aug 6, 2008

Good news for spicy food lovers

Interesting fact i heard over Oprah's show yesterday:

spicy food is healthy coz it's good for ur brain as it helps in keeping it strong as u grow older..
keeping ur brain strong helps preventing Alzheimers.. that's way it is said that India has lowest rate of Alzheimer’s disease.. the reason, being too obvious, is because they use spices in their food regularly..

good thing i like spicy food! =D

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├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

i'm allergic to spicy food ;p

Amethyst said...

It makes my lips swell;\

Bebe n' Noonie said...

yaaay I like spicy food as well ;)

Fastidious Babe said...

thats an interesting fact.. and spicy is the way to go.. i love love love spices.. xx

Anonymous said...

then i should be a genius :P

Ruby Woo said...

it also increases your appetite which will make you eat more thus more prone to obesity which results in diabetes, heart disease, etc..
lol that was so "House" of me!

besides i'm spicy enough, no need for more!

P-Ella said...

woow nice info well whenever the waiter says uwant with spicy or without i say SPICY BS WAYEEEED, unfortantley I forget alot and seems when I get older ill get Alzheimer’s disease :/

Anonymous said...

I've always loved you, Filfil bo deech =]~ Awhh galbi ye3awerni min '3alata.

A Journal Entry said...

wa3alayah! 3ad ohwa illy e7ally il akil =/

i remember this one time when i was 9 years old, my sisters dared my to have a big garmah min il green chili .. my lips ewrumaw for 30 min ;P
my nanny put some honey over my lips to cool them off!

noonie & fastidious babe
ashwa 3ayal me and u mara7 en5arrif when we get old! (enshallah)

hehehe yup u must be.. wana agool laish ana faltah chithy! ;p

ruby woo
i'd rather be fat than loose my memory ;P
la bas it's true, it does open my appetite.. but luckily i know when to stop ;)

ooa ahaaaam shay il thiqah! ;P

ruby woo

A Journal Entry said...

hehhe esmillah 3alaich enshllah ma y7ooshich!
hmmm maybe u don't eat spices that often?

laaaa ana a3almich illy a7san minnah!
laman arid il bait i'll post about my fav. hot sauces.. jarbeenhum oo ba3adha 9ij bit7ibeeny! ;P

f7ee7eely said...

for those who dont tolerate spices and spicy food in general -- take two pills of Fish Oil per day

Anonymous said...

I like it tooo!

Delicately Realistic said...

Me no like spice.

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i heard how good they are =)

then u can rest assured that ur chances of getting the disease are low as well!

delicately realistic
3ad it's what makes food taste better!

Shoush said...

Ma7ib spicy. 7adi Rooster sauce.

Oranjina fadidra said...

Interesting fact

Cookies said...


A Journal Entry said...

as i said to harlow.. i'll post about the two best hot sauces later.. wayd a7la min il red rooster

Oranjina fadidra
yup! ;)

glad u do! =D

P-Ella said...

yep you got the point i dont

Anonymous said...

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