Aug 26, 2008

It's that time of year

*beeb beep*
my mobile rings.. it's a message.. i open it and.. arrrgh not again!
"yasuruna da3watikum le 7uthoor ma3rathena lil dara3at il ramathaniyah...etc"

how i hate these msgs! if u know the person oo she sent it to u u'll have to go.. in such situations i always feel obliged to buy something.. ya3ni a7is fashlah if i didn't go .. oo ham fashlah etha i did go oo i didn't buying something...fa there goes a 70-100 KD down the drain!

6ab3an unless it's a really good exibition oo it sells stuff u really want.. but for a person that rarely ever wears a darra3ah those msgs are ham 3al galb yitkarar every year =/

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├J o u j a┤™ said...

wai ana a9lan i hate dararee3 :P
el kel ykoon labs dara3a during Ramadhan ila ana LOL

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

weli 3umerha ma elbesat dara3a ?! ;p

yam3awda ta3atherni menha o 5ala9 ;p

Bebe n' Noonie said...

lool :p
libast dara3a yimkin 2 times ib 7ayati:/

Eulalia said...

allah i always wanted to go to one those do you recommend one in particular?

FourMe said...

say you're busy and couldn't make it! haaw mo gha9ib!

Big Pearls said...

don't go unless you really wanna go.

A Journal Entry said...

me too i don't wear darra3at.. although i like them on others bs i don't think that they suit me madry laish!

wallah ekoon widddy bs fashlah!

me tooooo!

hmmm i really don't know!
sorry i can't help u with this! =s

she also called to etchayik enna il msg wu9alny!! hehehe 7ad il '3a9ib!

big pearls
wallah i try 2 big pearls bs a7is fashlah!

Anonymous said...

tell me about it!! I just hate those msgs :S

A Journal Entry said...

wish i could stop them in a way =/

Shoush said...

Ya, the time of the year. Bs itha ma3jbich shay, don't buy. Moo lazim. Don't feel obligated. At least u made the effort to go and check it out.

Silver said...

ya kirh ili ydshon ba5la8ich 3shan u attend something! kafe ilmsg!! laizm ba3ad u call? waay 7asa feech!;p

A Journal Entry said...

ur absolutly right.. i'll try not to next time i'm invited to an event..

heheh shaklich u suffered mithly!

Squirreliya said...

oh i hate dararee3 ..just skip it :p

Ruby Woo said...

Just don't go..

and if you had to go, just tell the person ina you already bought plenty!

dxbrose said...

LoL! Wouldn't you need them for Ramadan tho?

Anonymous said...

ana atnarfaz al7een 7eta il fayir yedizon msgat it`s crazy!

A Journal Entry said...

i wish it was as simple as that!

ruby woo
i might start doing that.. coz ya3ni mo 7alah!

not really.. i don't wear them bermuthan..

heheh ee il wath3 moo 6abee3y!

Anonymous said...


OutOfReach said...

mmm you dont have to buy anything just because its fashallah :S
if you think its good and you like it then buy it if not please dont (^_^)

A Journal Entry said...

it seems like ur suffering like me!

i know.. i should =/

Anonymous said...

yes we can lets just go and get our lines disconnected ;p

well there is a way and I tried it which is kinda peacefull just disable service center msgs and it works!

A Journal Entry said...

noo amu u got me wrong.. i don't mean the msgs that get sent to u randomly.. i mean the msgs ppl i know send to me to invite me 7ag their ma3aith..

├J o u j a┤™ said...

exactly ana b3d
tlgeeni azoooqa 3ala shaklha bs 3ala elie labst'ha, bs ana la albes dara3a wai a7s shakli film ;p

A Journal Entry said...

et9adgeen .. atwaqa3 yimkin e7na mo mit3awdeen 3ala ashkalna bil darra3ah..

MeeMzZ said...

loool...laish mat36eenhom an excuse that always works... ashwa iny i hate dra3at o0 ma7ad is2lnee 3an dra3at!!;p

Shoush said...

I've decided to give ur carrot cake a shot this friday, inshala. ;P

A Journal Entry said...

hehe fakaitay 3umrich!

9ij??? wanasaaaah =D
let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

a9lan where do they get the numbers from? Our phone companies? Are they allowed to do that?

:::ShoSho::: said...

I can imagine how annoying that would be..

A Journal Entry said...

i think that their allowed to get our numbers!
but here i'm talking about ppl i know who send me msgs for their exibitions.. mo someone i don't know..

very annoying =/

Eulalia said...

Ana amoot 3ala shay isma dara3a! 3ala golat my aunt was born 60 :p

♥P-Ella♥ said...

i never tried draree3 @@

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew the people who are sending me the msgs to start with.. that would make them less annoying.. but believe me u are not alone!;p

eshda3wa said...

tara kelish moo lazim u go wala u buy anything
there is no fashla in that!

Anonymous said...

ehehehe true true!;pIIIIITS BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!;p

A Journal Entry said...

i like them too but not on me ;p

la i did maybe twice or a lil more.. but it doesn't feel like me..

hheheh kilina bil hawa sawa

yeah i guess ur right =/

and seems will not end anytime soon!