Aug 16, 2008

What was she thinking?!

i was flipping through tv channels when i came across this:


now let me copy go fug urself's style..

what do u think was going on?
a) she was making a beauty statement.
b) she was trying to cover a zit!
c) someone was pulling a prank and drew on her face with a permanent marker (like rachel in that friends episode!)
d) ........ (submit ur own reason! be creative ppl!)


├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

ambeeh msa3 tawni ga3da a6ale3ha
walla 3abali TVna wa9e5 :p

A Journal Entry said...

looool! la la it's not ur tv it's her!

Delicately Realistic said...

Cuz shes a " STAR " !

Anonymous said...


7eta il make-up 5ayis 9ayer china alwan ma2eya bs eli menkat 3alaih maay il da2eera malat il color nafis-ha then dried again, et3arfeen ye9er chethe 5ayis? her eyeshadow nafis-ha.

umbaaih ma9adeg

Bebe n' Noonie said...

awal shay mnu hathe??:p
Thane shay my reason is shama..birth mark
did u say that already ??:p

Big Pearls said...

she is trying to start a new habba in q8!

A Journal Entry said...

delicately realistic
hehehhe.. yup that's what she is!

looool il wa9f il daqeeq ;p

hathy muthee3ah malat alwatan tv!

big pearls
we don't need a new silly habba to spread around q8 .. illy mawjood 7awaleena ekafeena!=/

Anonymous said...

I second realistic cuz she is a STAR :D

Meticulous said...

shfeech tara hatha 7ada "Estaaayl"... !

Ruby Woo said...

She has a kid who just cam home from school and showed her (his mommy) that the teacher gave him a star for encouragement. So she decided that she will also use this tactic to help her son with homeworks. Whenever he gets an answer right he gets a star. Anyway, she slept by mistake on the homework table and overslept so she was going to miss the TV show, so she woke up quickly without looking at the mirror and went straight to the shoot. What she didn't realize was that she slept on the stickers and got one stuck on her cheek. Too late to do anything about it, the world already saw it.

Yes, I'm bored. Shoot me!

Shoush said...

d.) She was eating chocolate before the interview. :P

Cookies said...

*sigh* allahuma la shammatta !

A Journal Entry said...

and a "big" star she is!!

lool! ee 9ij eloog "estaaayl"

ruby woo
heheh wa3alayah il um il mujahidah!

hehehe a chocoholic in town!

heheh min galb 6al3ah!

Squirreliya said...


kanat ga3da tel3ab weya el yahal 7enna tattoo w NISAT etsheela :p!

FourMe said...

LOOL alah yahdeeha..

p.s. lOvin the new header!!

Anonymous said...

i know!! i was cracking up when i wrote the comment!!

btw who is she?

Anonymous said...

I'll be going to Marina mall on the weekend to see how many other fools thought its cool

Oranjina fadidra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oranjina fadidra said...

coz someone smacked her on the head, or her makeup artist (ma9riya?) o 8a9at 3aliha.. who knews she's such a peace of work

├J o u j a┤™ said...

obey mo mn 9ijha ;p
7aseet'ha keshakilna o e7na yahal ;p

A Journal Entry said...

hehehe 5oooosh mukan 7ag tatto!

oh thank uuuuu =D

killer marshmallow
muthee3a malat il wa6an.. madry shino esimha!
moo be3eedah u'll find plenty!

oranjina fadidra
hehehe yinga9 3alaiha ebsir3a! ;p

hehhehe eeee 9ij!

Silver said...

maybe she just simply has no taste!

Faten said...

LOL 7aram t7sb roo7ha a7la ketha :P

Anonymous said...

Let's hope she was trying to hide a zit. That is the only acceptable excuse.

Anonymous said...


A Journal Entry said...

maybe thant's true!

heheheh i guess so!

yup.. that's the most acceptable for me as well!

SkyWaLkEr said...

loooool..walla i lmfo when i watched it..i think she may want to start a new trend..5o rabi3na ma fee shay ma 8alidooh :p
bas you have to admit she's an excellent motheeee3a..
baby face..cute :D

Fastidious Babe said...

lool its like a well done gold star u get in KG! maybe someone was trying to say "well done" to her plastic surgeon or somethng lol XD

P-Ella said...

ok who the hell is she? i dontknow her @@

bs al7een shako hal star eb her face :/ waaaa3 maku style

Anonymous said...

kil muthe3een ilwa6an wil rai ma`6rooben.



don`t even let me get started on his contacts :p

A Journal Entry said...

yeah she's good in what she does.. bs allah ehadaha 3ala hal makeup!

fastidious babe
lool! that's reasonable enough!

hathy muthee3at il wa6an!

killer M
waaay 3ad hatha ill yirfa3 il tha'36! =S

shoosha said...

OMG!!! itha girls are going to have shapes on their faces in kuwait then im definatley leaving the country!

A Journal Entry said...

yeah hatha illy nagi9na!

F. said...


A Journal Entry said...


Um Mit3ib said...

yimkin sij ;p ?

A Journal Entry said...

um mit3ib
wallah 5oofich ekoon chithy! =/

Anonymous said...

mno hathi ?! :P LOL!! oo maybe sijeya?

A Journal Entry said...

laa ehya bil 9ij ma 3indaha chithy!

Eulalia said...

she got a hikie from a starfish

Single and Fabulous said...

errrr . . . unfortunately recently so many girls are trying new things, crazy things to try to start a trend, most of them fail ! It is most unfortunate that the most horrible make up trends are initiated and carried out in the Gulf. I've seen once a leopard print as an eye shadow ! Seriously??? I always say make up is supposed to enhance the beauty and make you look nice, not the other way ! this one looks like a deformed mole !!!

A Journal Entry said...

LOL abaaaaih hehehehe now thats what i call creative!

single and fabulous
ouch! leapard print must have been painful for ur sight!
yeah i agre with u on the "make up should make u look nicer".. unfortunately ppl her think that piling makeup on makes u look good..

Music, Happiness, Love said...

I think the real reason is because she obviously WAS NOT THINKING!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

she had a fly on her face

or a cockroach, who knows? :)

A Journal Entry said...

music love happiness
hhehe straigh and simple ha?!

hehhe a fly ma3qoolah coz it's black.. lo cockroach chan 9ar 3ala buny shway!