Apr 5, 2008

Cooking attempt

so here's the thing:
i like cooking
but i'm a bad cook!

not the "michabees oo em6abag" kind of cooking.. but the "pastas and desserts" type...
(ok, to be compeletely honest here i'm the "sara lee cake with some kind of topping and voila" type of cook! ;Pp )

anyways.. i was invited for lunch yesterday & i decided to make a slightly complicated dessert so i went for this one: Banoffee cheesecake, it sounded and looked fancy!

the cake has 3 layers..
of course the digestive,

the cheese mix,

then the dulce de leche

everything went fine until i got to the last layer.. when i put it on top it started to sink into the cheese mix!
ok .. that wasn't supposed to happen right?! so i went to check on the recipe only to find that it said "pour cheese mixture onto the bananas/biscuit base, then put in refrigerator for at least 3 hours or overnight" whaaaat?! it was 1:00pm and i'm supposed to leave in 10 min! i have no time! gilt awadeeha oo illy e9eer e9eer =(

6ab3an as u can see.. il kaika ma 9akkat! so i told them it was Banoffee pudding!! heheh

but the taste was amaaaaaaazing and that's what count 9a7?! ;)


Anonymous said...

The cheese cake looks tastey ,, but it needs a little adjustment on the presentation ,, you need to work a bit harder on it next time ;) .

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i know =S
enshallah next time it would be perfect ;)

Anonymous said...

3ad agoolech shay!

shakelhaaaa 3ajeeeeeb, ana a7eb el aklaat elsay7a 3la ba3ath-ha :)~~

A Journal Entry said...

offff 3ad 9ij 3ajeebah!
il marra il yaya la sawait'ha atanaqa9lich minha a piece!

Anonymous said...

thank u ba3ad chabdee :**