Apr 1, 2008


i'd like to start my post with a few words to my old friend, may it rest in peace:

goodbye my little green music machine.. u've been a dear friend for a long time, u were always there for me when the music on the radio was awful.. u helped pass the time when travelling.. u always cheer me up with a few good songs when i'm sad, and u stood by me until the very last breath of ur battery life.. thank u for being there!

so.. i've finally bought a new ipod! although i still love my green mini, but i though it was time to upgrade. 9ij there is a big difference! mo mit3awdah 3ala pics oo videos oo kil hal technology! a7is nafsy mit6awra ;P

and the iTrip is much easier than before! u don't have to download the stations which means that they won't be played when i put it on shuffle heeyah! heheh..