Apr 24, 2008

what a way to start my Bday!

so today is my birthday! and here's how the 1st hour goes:

12.45am, me and hubby just about to sleep when:

Hubby: journal, china 7sait eb shay yamshy 3ala reely..
Journal: WHAT?! min 9ijik? tara maly 5ulg '3ashmarah, turn the light on!
Hubby: la la 5ala9 china etarawaly (too lazy to get up =Pp)

6ab3an ehny ana gumt oo i turned the lights on o pulled the duvet cover.. there was nothing.. but just as i was about to check near the end (where the cover gets tucked under the bed) wila my hand et7oosh something oo that something comes crawling out!!!

i literally screamed my lungs out and ran off to il 7amam (3azkum allah) oo ra2san 3al sink oo started washing my hands almost crying!

6ab3an what it was i can't say coz i was not wearing my lenses wala my glasses fa ma shift ila shay aswad.. hubby then killed that thing and told me it was a 5unfisana!

abaih shino ya3ni eshyayibha 3indina! oo illy e7ir enna 3 weeks ago mukafa7at il 7asharat came o sprayed the house ma midahum eridoon! it took me a while to get back to sleep coz i started to hallucinate oo imagined ena fee shay yamshy 3ala thahry!

anywayz, il youm when i got to work and turned il3jairy's calender to today's page look what i found:

heheh ee wallah 9aj ,, dabbat il 7asharat oo wain?! on my bed! =(


FourMe said...

Happy birthday dear o kil 3am wintay ebkhaair .. I would never eveeeeer sleep in the same bed agaaaain :/ I hate insects!!

A Journal Entry said...

thank u waaayd 7abeebty =)

Anonymous said...

happy belated bday ...ur birth date is so special to me ;)

Anonymous said...

happy belated bday ...ur birth date is so special to me ;)

A Journal Entry said...

thanx anonymous!
it sounds like something good happend on that day =)

eshda3wa said...

happy birthdaay!!

302bal elmalyoon sina!

A Journal Entry said...

thanx alot dear =)

New Bride said...

happy birthday sorry i am late
looooool salaft elkhnfsaana hehehe tetha7ek

A Journal Entry said...

new bride
thaaank uuu very much! =)
ehehe waaay il salfah a9lan etbachy!!

Ansam said...

Happy Belated birthday.. you are a Taurus, like me hehehe

and the khunfisana is batalat qissatna on my blog (Memoirs of a Khunfisana) tab3ay el 7alqat ma3ana so far I have posted introduction, poem, and episode 1

enjoy it hehehe

A Journal Entry said...

GOOO Taurus! a7san star sign!

oo u won't beleive it..
bs right before i sleep that night i was thinking ena mo ma3qoola i was reading the intro of the 5unfisana story on ansam's blog o ti6la3ly eb nafs il youm!