Apr 8, 2008

little maestro

my friend sent me an email that had this cute pic.. it made me smile so i thought that i'd share that with u..
the 1st thing that crossed my mind when i saw it was this song!

Get Your Own Player!

i'm not into operah but i love this song! even though i don't understand a word!


FourMe said...

Sometimes I can't stand it but sometimes I really enjoy listening to such music and appreciating it..

Anonymous said...

hehe cute pic! this song is soo fa9la

and where can i find the shopaholic series here in kuwait?

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i know.. it not the type of music u can always listen to..

i'm not sure .. but i'll check 4 u and let u know =)

Shoush said...

Song reminds me of Tom & Jerry.

A Journal Entry said...

hehehhe ee 9aaaa7!
i can totally picture them!