Apr 16, 2008

Très chic!

Look at this sleek mobile by Sony Ericsson .. so cool 9a7?!

i usually get me a Nokia cell.. not that they'r good quality or anything, it's just that i'm used to them.. ma3a ena the 1 that i have now 7addah 5arboo6ah.. 2 minutes after starting a phone call oo it starts to make this "5ash5ishah" sound =(

i tried motorola once oo the quality was SO MUCH better, but as i said above, esti3malah edodihny oo i hated not being able to receive business cards from other non-moto cells..

but nowadays i hear that Sony Ericsson is the best.. if ur using one plz let me know what u think =)


Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

FourMe said...

looks real nice but a bit wide! I can't handle any brand, I'm a nokia gal.

A Journal Entry said...

yeah everytime i think of switching i hesitate.. but this one really caught my eye..

Fastidious Babe said...

SE is waaaaay better than nokia.. was always a sony erics person..
and the fone does look fab..

A Journal Entry said...

Fastidious Babe
can't argue with that =)