Apr 3, 2008


There is this cute litttle shop in london that is called Octopus.. it's AMAZING! i could spend an hour there and i wouldn't mind! it's a gifts & gadgets store.. selling different stuff like kitchen equipments, accessories oo 5arabee6.. eshaaawig! i feel like a child in a candy store!
and this is what i bought last time from there:

can u believe how cute this tweezer is?!

i got really confused on which tweezer i should get that i ended up buying 3 of them! heheh!

The shop is located in Cranby street and Covent garden.


eshda3wa said...

it has the cutest stuff ever!

Glitter said...

I love that place

I bought me a scissors,
a little mirror,
a hair brush..

but I didn't see the tweezers...


A Journal Entry said...

7addah mo?

7arraaah 3indy 3 !! ;P

i loooove the hair brushes.. i'm gonna get one next time i'm there =)

in my choos said...


A Journal Entry said...

i know!! =)

liliput said...

do you know if they still have the fish lighters? I love them but I leave in México so I need to ask my friend who is coming to bring some for me.

A Journal Entry said...

hmmm i remember i saw some lighters but i'm not sure if i saw fish lighter.. sorry =/