Apr 11, 2008


what's going on outside!?
i was watching tv and all of a sudden i hear this noise coming from outside and i went to have a look from the window and what i saw was scary!
the wind was so strong illy mathalat il sayarat is shaking chinha eb tinshili3..
faj2a it became very dusty, shaway wila mu6ar! shway wila ebridy!
it only lasted for about 15 min but when i went outside everything was upside down.

the weather forcast says that it will be unstable for the rest of the day so watch out..

hubby took those pics on his way home..

trees on the streets

a house bil freej.. ashwa il mathalah mo 7ayshah il car..


Anonymous said...

ambeeh! i was at the Gym and the electricity went off! o people got stuck in the elevator!

the roof of the Gym was under-construction o parts of it fall down the streets and almost got ppl killed!

when i went out wella 6aye7 cheenkoo o 7adeed yam sayartee bel thab6! ashwa el 7emdellah mo 3alaiha :/

A Journal Entry said...

offf allah e7futhach oo ur car.. wallah it was really scary!
oo misakeen il nass illy bil elevator , wath3 7addah e5ari3.. 3asa bs ma en7akraw muda 6weelah?

Anonymous said...

thanx 7beebti..

eee taqreeban 1 and half hour, bas el 7emdellah they are ok! 5ar3a bas.

A Journal Entry said...

weeh wa3alayah .. chan wugaf galbi!