Apr 14, 2008

Let the shows begin!

I just finished watching yesterday's episode of Desperate Housewives!!
yaaay! =D
GOD i love that show! it just keeps on getting better...

this month also marks the return of the shows that i love and most of them will be returning on my BDay!! i like to think of it as a gift for me ;P

21-4 gossip girl
24-4 grey's anatomy
24-4 ugly betty
24-4 lost

and as for prison break and cashmere mafia i don't know when they'll be back..

what other shows u like to watch???


Slai7e6 said...

LOST min '3air monaze3

eshda3wa said...

i just finished watching it
i love them!

im a big fan of csi newyork, samantha who, 3o rock
and many more

proud to be a tv junkie

OutOfReach said...

cant wait to watch LOST#4 :D

A Journal Entry said...

slai7e6 , outofreach
ee this season 9ayir waaayd eshid!

i watched samantha who on showtime.. it's one of those easy going shows oo ewanis.. not a very big fan though..

nQ said...

30 rock!
bess, delete the others.

A Journal Entry said...

hmmm 2 votes for 30 rock.. i guess i should see it sometime =)

Anonymous said...


-my name is earl

-kyle xy


and i still watch friends over and over again.

A Journal Entry said...

heroes madry laish ma endimajt feeh..
i'm a friends addict 2!
even if i saw an episode more than 10 times it still makes me laugh! to me it's like the english version of darb il zalag!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOL yeah sooo ture