Jun 12, 2008

What kind of salad is this?

Hubby mishtirik fe Diet Care for almost a month now.. they give him a menue and he chooses what he wants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. and for everytime he chooses rocca salad they put lettuce and rocca is nowhere to be seen!!!

when he asked for an explanation they said that it's because they are looking for quality and there's no good rocca available in the market (!)
but i think that it might be because rocca is more expensive?!?
le2ana mo ma3qolah ena the quality is bad coz i see it bil supermarkets oo i use it o mafeeh shay!!

ok let's say we beleive their excuse, why don't they remove it from the menu?!
the didn't even bother themselves to change the sticker!


FourMe said...

dear that's called a rip off.. rocca in sultan is quite good!

A Journal Entry said...

i know!!

what a lame excuse!

Anonymous said...

NACHO SALAD!!! hmmmmmm looks yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! (homer tone)
or maybe am just really hungry!

A Journal Entry said...

heheh 3ad it was good but that's not the point don't distract ppl!! ;P

Delicately Realistic said...

Thats no rocca salad for sure!

Big Pearls said...

silly..if the rocca is never good for them then they should remove it from the menu!

Anonymous said...

hehehe....thats funny...i feel now that rocca is like caviar!

A Journal Entry said...

Delicately Realistic &
Big Pearls
yeah exactly! 3ayzaneen e'3ayroon il menu!

maze of thoughts
lol! yeah suddenly it's this rare & luxury type of food!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a sad fatoosh salad with the wrong dressing;p... WHERE'S THE ROCCA? shal menu limthayi3.. yi3t:p

A Journal Entry said...

heheh 7addah emthayi3!
oo the dressing was cheese dressing but it tasted like roub! ;P

Amethyst said...

Your husband should choose something else;p

A Journal Entry said...

il salfa 9arat e3naad al7een.. we wanna c mita e9eer il rocca of good quality! ;P

ManalQ8 said...

مساء الخير

الصراحة هذي نهيبة
غش تجاري

ما يصير

وليش تتعاملون معاهم؟؟؟

المشكلة ان اذا نتعامل مع شركات مثل هذي مع تقبل مساوئها يعني نسويلهم دعاية

الله يساعدكم
مرة ثانية طلبو شي ثاني
وتاكدو ان موجود مع احسن نوعية


A Journal Entry said...

ee we won't renew eshtirakna wiyahum 5ala9!