Jun 18, 2008

2nd cooking attempt

so now i'm making a cheesecake.. it's my 2nd attempt after the 1st one that i've posted about a while ago.. and so far not good!

it's in the oven now oo i don't know shloon a3arif enna it's done!
my sis tells me that it mustn't be that shakey but it is.. oo that the toothpick must come out almost dry but it isn't! oo i'm afraid if i wait longer the biscuits layer ti7tirig! =(

3ad it's a snickers cheesecake shakilha eshawig! =S

oh well.. i guess i have to give up on my deam of being a chef =/

i'll let u know how it turned out.. wish me luck ;p


Glitter said...

I can't cook to save my life!


But good luck to you :-)

Amethyst said...

Cooking is SO not my thing;\

A Journal Entry said...

glitter & amethyst
laaaaish?! it's lots of fun!
but i don't like to cook meats ;)

Anonymous said...

sa7 it shouldnt be too liquidy bas 3adi itha shway liquidy leave it out itll become solid lama tabrid.. and the toothpick thing is true too!!

A Journal Entry said...

yeah la7ath't ena laman ebridat it held it shape after i opened the metal thing.. but when i cut the 1st slice it melted =(