Jun 9, 2008

Don't u love ur country?!

i was on my way back home driving at 40 oo the traffic was unbearable (as usual) oo on the side of the road 3ala 7arat il aman was a police car parked and the police officer was standing outside his car drinking water.. as soon as he's done with his bottle he threw it on the floor!!!!

whaaaaat?! come on! ur supposed to be a role model.. i mean ask a kid what he whants to be when he grows up and his answer would probably be a policeman.. what if he saw u?? he'd think it's ok to do so!

this incident happened along time ago.. but i remembered it 2day when i saw a guy emptying his 6afayah 3ala il shari3.. why ya rabby why do u want ur country to look filthy??

head to the beach after a weekend oo see the litter all over the beach.. ma yubga goo6y 3a9eer wala gir6as mo mag6oo6.. r u too lazy to pick up ur wu9a5 oo il trash bin is only 2 steps away??

i think that a law should be imposed to fine every person seen throwing garbage a decent amount 3alashan e7arrim ewa9i5 il deerah..

offf mo e7ir?!

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Amethyst said...

Lol, that's in the STREETS. Tadreen ena in college, we have grow up supposedly mature students throwing trash two steps away from the trash can?!

I usually have a fit and tell them I'll announce it to the hallway and yell like a demented woman if they don't pick it up to make them do it!

Anonymous said...

inarfizoon il awadim...walla ifashloon. Ana omi mara bil ishara kina w shabab yamna ga6aw kleenex tissues oo gowa6i pepsi bara bil shari3 chan omi tnazil jamat.ha w tgooluhum: Mashallah, kil hal kashkha witge6oon bara..3aib 3alaikum, mu shakil 7athari hatha. Chan yanzil wa7id wesheelhum. Lazim inkalimhum ib isloob 7ilw 3ashan itiqabilon.

A Journal Entry said...

lol! 3afya 3laich wallah!!
3ad 7azzat'ha i thought about rolling the window down o tell him ena "hatha winta shir6y chithy etsawy .. '3airik shisawoon??"
bs 5uft ya36eeny a ticket ;P

but sometimes ezawdoonha 3nad if u spoke to them.. ya3ni maybe esta7aw coz she's older than them but law kanat il 7achwa yaya minnich?? hal ra7 yitqabiloonha?? most of them won't =/

ManalQ8 said...

So sad

and people don't care for their country

So sad


Eulalia said...

EXACTLY!!! i stopped going to the beach min kithir il zibala!! my baby cousin tries to dig in the sand and every 10 inches he finds garbage!!

Anonymous said...

akbar monafeqeen bil kuwait il shir6a!

A Journal Entry said...

would they do the same thing etha kanaw barrah il q8??
i don't think so =/

not only on the shore but min zimaaaaan when i was a kid i was swimming wila i hit smth.. i look down only to see a plastick chair!!!

except for the policeman that stands fe shari3 dimashq oo controls the traffic 9ob il uturn.. love him! ;P

Fastidious Babe said...

omg i HATE it when people litter..
and police men too!?

a random song from WAAAYYYY back flashed at me when i was reading ur post.. ma3arf itha u guys had that show on when u were kids too.. they used to go like: "7aafe'6 3ala il beee2a.. il bee2a to7af'6 3alaiyk" loooooool i really don't know how i remember this XD

anyways.. point is.. we need such shows all the time to remind people not to litter n what not.. we have fines for people who do here in dubai!

nyxxie said...

wayed wayed e7er..

e7erny hal shay no matter where i go on the planet mb bs fel blaad

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
hehhe no unfortunately ma3arif that show =S bs a7isah min 6agat "al2amn wal salamah likul man yasta5dim il 6areeq" mal majlis il ta3awun..

hope that kuwait follows dubai's footsteps in that matter =/

ee wallah ana 7addy atnarfaz =S

Anonymous said...

And when you tell people to pick up their trash after them... they look at you like ur crazy or something!! ITS UR TRASH!!... sorry;p

F. said...

It's annoying! I hate people like that! That's a lot of people...

A Journal Entry said...

yeah it's like ur the one who did the wrong thing!

unfortunatlely they are alot =S

Anonymous said...

Ur right walla, cuz mafe a HEAVY punishment to those sick ppl, and i call them sick cuz what they're doing reflects their dreadful manners!

Squirreliya said...

embala wallah wayid y7eRR w 7adhum ynarfizoon!

Oranjina fadidra said...

were surrounded by some ignorant idiots!

Hamitaf La B. said...

There are these people that simply walk and just accidently let the juice box "fall" from their hand and don't bother to pick it up!!

IT pisses me off.... wallah.... ta9arfat wayid hayligeeya!!

A Journal Entry said...

sick and careless!

ee wallah =/

Oranjina fadidra
the question is: r they really ignorants?? or r they just choosing to be?!

Hamitaf La B
oh i've seen a lot of those.. but i usually see them dropping tissues.. 3al aqal yimkin "eti9adag" shwaya ena bil '3ala6.. bs juice boxes?! hehehe shar il baliyah ma yuth7ik!!

ldiaries said...

UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I HATE WHEN PEOPLE THROW RUBBISH ON THE STREETS!! it annoys me when normal people do it,, now police men b3ad,, he deserves a ticket.

A Journal Entry said...


Anonymous said...

this is really sad to see such generations so careless about the place they live in...and they will not find any place like kuwait that offers their people so much! but i blame the parents that don't teach their children the right manners!

A Journal Entry said...

maze of thoughts
ee wallah ma ya7midoon il ni3ma illy ohma feeha..
i feel like each generation is getting worse than the previous one.. allah yastir 3laina oo e7afith deeratna min kil shar..