Jun 14, 2008

Pink it was love at 1st sight

Our tree has bloomed!
and it's the 1st time since we planted it almost a year and a half ago.. ya7laiha kbarat ;P

i noticed this on thursday oo i was sooo happy i had to take some pics.. the colour of the flowers is just amaaaaazing and quite a surprise coz i thought that it produces white flowers..
and as the title suggests Aerosmith's song keeps on playing in my head whenever i see the plant!


Anonymous said...

awww.. wanasa!!! congraats!! hope your life is full of pink flowers;p

A Journal Entry said...

o 3asa may9eer shay eb hal dina e3akkir the purity of ur orchids ;D

Big Pearls said...

mashalla beautiful flower:)

Eulalia said...

wanasa! wht kind was it?

A Journal Entry said...

big pearls
thanx =)

the tree is called fitnah.. waaayd 7ilwa.. 3adatan etkoon white mithil illy bil spas e7i6oonha..

Amethyst said...

It's HOT! 7ada summery!

Fastidious Babe said...

Aww! wanasA!

A Journal Entry said...

amethyst & fastidious babe
it kinda reminds me of baskin robbin's rainbow icecream mo?!