Jun 2, 2008

Krispy kreme at your doorsteps?!

I found this flyer today.. apparently, krispy kreme now has delivery!
but don't get too excited, coz they only deliver to il 5aldeya, kaifan and il shamiyah..
i phoned them up 2 check if there is a minimum amount for ordering but it turned out enna there isn't...

i'm not a big fan of krispy kreme in kuwait.. i think that there is something different in the taste here.. did u notice that? aw bs chithy nafsiyan a7isah '3air?!


Fastidious Babe said...

its nafseyaaaaaaaaannnn.. i feel the same thing about krispy kreme dubai! lol

AND THATS WHAT PPL NEED! Krispy kreme to their doorsteps?!


*pukes at the thought of fattening food delivered while we sit on our fat bums waiting for it*

sorry bes ana on a diet right now XD

A Journal Entry said...

bil thaaaaaab6!
that's the 1st thing that crossed my mind!

ahlan wa sahlan calories, wanna have a seat on my karsha?!?

Bebe & Noonie said...

mm i'm not a fan of krispy cream either! I mean law bakil one original ymkn 2 bites bsss!!;P ma agdar its too sugary 3al fa'6e

A Journal Entry said...

oo too greasy ba3ad!

Bebe & Noonie said...

I tag u (6quirks)

ManalQ8 said...

For me

I don't like this type of sweets

it is too much sugar for me
it is not very popular here in Wales
so when a student is going to London
Others who love it
ask them to get a box of Krispy Kreme

:) enjoy


A Journal Entry said...

one quirks post coming up! ;)

oh lucky u!
i have a sweet tooth oo that's a problem! =)

PaLoMiNo said...

a7eeeeeeeeeeeeebaaaaaaaaa ;****

bas i feel it's the same? atwqa3 nafseeyan ;p
il farg in London ako more flavours bas:)

laaah darytay baskin robins balsho eyw9loon ba3d?? bas mo all flavours ;p LOL kil ashyaa il tsmin 3indich ;p

A Journal Entry said...

hmm yimkin =/

wow baskin robins?? ee hatha 3ad 5oosh shay ;P

Cartman said...

OMG .. and now ppl will even gain much more weight at a dial of a phone looool , its not like we need donuts to be delivered too ,

Fastidious babe we both make the same point .. soo true i just read ur comment ..

You guys should really search how Donuts are made loool .. can u say its the best way to enlarge the TRUNK ..

sweet entry journal :)

A Journal Entry said...

thanx alot! =)

oh the calories!
oo look at the timing of the adv. .. just as kids about to finish school.. oo 3ala gooltik il doughnut just a phone call away ya3ni il wath3 ra7 ekoon akil oo mar3a oo qillat 9an3a!