Jun 15, 2008

Wana 3abaly a new habbah!

I was stopping at a traffic light when i glanced at the car next to me then back again at the traffic light.. few seconds later i was thinking chinna fe shay '3ala6? i looked again to my right and to me surprise the guy behind the wheel was wearing a white 3gaal!!

ee .. a white one!
gilt akeed it's some kind of new habbah
awal marrah adree ena fee 3gal abyath! thought that 3gaal's are either black aw black oo emthahhab..

so i did a quick search about it and found out that il 3gaal used to be white until ppl switched to black after the defeat of arabs in palestine to express their sorrow... very interesting!

(the pic is of sheikh Zakariya AlAnsary)

UPDATE: it is also said that ayam awal religious men used to wear it.. thanx fastidious babe for that info ;)


Anonymous said...

oh! New peice of information... I thought 3gaal's are either black or black;p
but still sh6ari 3alaih labis abyath?

ManalQ8 said...



~Lush said...

a WHITE 3qal !! @@

Never heard of it

Anonymous said...

yeah, i know that story.. interesting..

in my choos said...

interesting! i'd love to see one!

A Journal Entry said...

laaa fee aswad emthahhab mithil illy yalbisah sheikh mubarak il kabeer

yeah isn't it ;)

wa minny tastafeedoon ;)

wow kash5a! ana tawny adry!

in my choos
i'd love to see one again!

Amethyst said...

Oh! I never knew that..

Anonymous said...

wow i had no idea :P bas why is he wearing black ? :S

A Journal Entry said...

now that u do, ll u have to do is keep looking for that guy to see it in real! ;)

who's wearing black?!

Oranjina fadidra said...

Gosh I never bother myself asking why 38al was blk in the 1st place ;p

on another note, white 38al is kinda weird for the eye to digest mo?

A Journal Entry said...

Oranjina fadidra
Very weird.. abit ghost-y!

Ruby Woo said...

Haha that's interesting. Ashwa they changed it cuz the black one looks better!

Anonymous said...

that is a very interesting piece of information :)

bs el so2al eli ye6ra7 nafsa (sheftee, kaho mensede7 3al arth :P) is:
if the arabs changed the white to black to ezpress their sorrow
about palestine, why is the white coming back?? i mean, i know ive been disconnected from the real world for a while, but why didnt anyone tell me that they freed palestine??

eshda3wa said...

awal marrah i hear of it!
3ad 7elo shaklah?

A Journal Entry said...

ruby woo
much much better!

loool! ya7lailah il so2al wayd ma5ith ra7tah ;p (adry adry .. fee amlaq min chithy?!)

eshdarrany 3annah madry shino his point.. to standout from the crowd of course..

laaaaa2... it was really strange oo it was kinda washed out with il ghitra and all..

Anonymous said...

3ajeeb, thats interesting. I wonder if he knew that

Anonymous said...

ur tagged!!:D check out my last post;p

New Bride said...

wooow thanks for the info

awaal maraah adree

Fastidious Babe said...

oh! that's interesting.. gonna brag about it now lol xx

Fastidious Babe said...

okay update: i was told that in the olden days, people who were religious (m6aw3a) or ahl il deen basically used to wear a white 3gaal..

A Journal Entry said...

jesterat314 & New Bride
shiftaw shloon ana mufeedah ;P

one more tag post coming up ;)

fastidious babe
ohhhh that makes sence! coz the pic that i posted of sheikh deen...
thaanx alot! =)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting!!! Where did you find this picture? Please send me the link to the article.

A Journal Entry said...

i found the pic while searching for "white 3gaal" fee google images.. and here's the link from the site i took it from: