Jun 4, 2008

The Quirks

The Rules:

1.Link the person who tagged you: Noonie
2.Mention the rules on your blog.
3.Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4.Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5.Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

The Quirks: (i'm gonna include pics for illustration)

1. when i use a cream i have to a5ith minah eb 6areeqah et5alee il surface even.. no way aqruf minah oo t9eer feeh 7ufrah oo ebayin mo mtsawy!

2. when i set my alarm i can't set it mathalan 7:15 aw 7:20.. la2 it has to be raqam bil nu9 like 7:17 !

3. the last thing i do before sleeping is go to the bathroom (3azkum allah)..
oo law b3dain i had to get up for any reason i must go to the bathroom again! 7atan law ma 6afat 5 min wila i can't sleep!

4. when i see an open plug socket i have to close it! be it at work, other houses, hospitals ma tafrig 3indy .. a plug socket should be 3al off if no one is using it!

5. i always blow in the cup befor pouring whatever in it! laish?? 3ashan etha fee ashya2 9'3eerah ma tinshaf et6eer!! hehe

6. galbi e3awirny etha a7ad sha5ba6 on my papers! mathalan awal bil jam3a etha ri7t 3ind il dr. abeeh yishra7ly shay o misak qalam oo gam esha55i6 on my paper a3a9ib!!
it has to be only me who scribbles on it.. oo this is still happening with me here at work.. i thought it would end after graduation =S

i tag in my choos, Squirreliya, the rest are already tagged! ;P so anyone who is interested go ahead and consider urself tagged by me! =)


l* said...

haha nafsi,, about the bathroom thing,, if i wake up at night i havee to go to the bathroom,, and everytime i wake up,, its soo annoying bs i have to do it!

Disturbed Stranger said...

loool tagged you too? I hate tags :/

Fastidious Babe said...

i ALWAYS set my alarm at 07, 13, 17.. i mean to me it has to be an odd number.. its kinda weird.. lol x

Bebe & Noonie said...

LOL # 1 and 6 r soo cute!

Eulalia said...

looool shta3wa galbch yi3awrch 3ala number six :p

A Journal Entry said...

heheh mushkilah!

Disturbed Stranger
it's fun to read them but it takes effort to do them!

fastidious babe
heheh i know!
but 9ij 2 minutes make a difference..

*covers her face min il fashlah!*

heheh .. wallah u can't imagine il 7arrah illy feeny !!
i have my own system of te5e6i6 oo maby a7ad eyey oo e3afsah!

PaLoMiNo said...

number 1 3axsyyyyyyyyyyy LOOOOOOL lazim aswe 7ofraaa ;p

wel alaraam! ma agdar! it has to be either Xh00 or Xh30 or Xh15 or Xh45 ;p nothing in else! ;D

shoosha said...

im soo nafsich when it comes to closing the sockets ;)

nyxxie said...

lol @ number 6 that's adorable!

the tooth.fairy said...

hahahaha 7abbaitech right after i read number 1 and 2.

Abbaaaaaaih, 3abali ana feeni 3oqda :P sheno atnarfaz ATNARFAZ lama il cream surface ye3tefes.

Also, my lipsticks, ma7eb the head shape yekhetereb, i maintain the same shape of the stick lama tgarreb tkhalles.

and the alarm !!! MY GOD, nfs il 7ala. wala mara 7a6aita o nus ela rubu3, kila arqam 3ajeeba ghareeba, ilyoum 7a6eta 9.13 lol

and when someone asks me eshkether bet6awleen? kila agol 7 minutes ;s because 5 mintues 7ail shwaya oo 10 minutes sound wayed

ok enough of me and my weirdness ;p

Cartman said...

La7oooool .. i never thought i would witness in this life time a person that sets their alarm to 17 or 18 and not by 5's you know 7:15 or 7:20 etc ...

i tend to blow into cups to , the socket is all good i can live with that as well .. but the bathroom is what my parents made me do when i was a kid .. maybe they didnt want to change the sheeets more often looool...

as for my schoool papers i used to practice ART on them lool so 3adi :p

GoooD Quirks

A Journal Entry said...

hehhe i know if some1 used my cream min il 7ufrah ;p

we save energy..
we love our country!

heheh ;P

the tooth.fairy
hehehh abaih i do the lipstick thing tooo!!
i also arrange them in a box 7asab how frequently i use them.. i don't have to flip them to read their names, i know where each one is placed ;P

there's a 1st time for everything ;Pp

yaay finally some one who beleives in my theory of blowing into the cup