Mar 30, 2008

Taw il lial

i'm watching today's episode of taw il lail on alwa6an tv.. they r interviewing Dr.muhammed al-hashil who works in the central bank of kuwait and the topic is about loans and interest rates.. (i once took a class in finance with him laman kint bil jam3a oo mashallah he was waaayd zain oo efahim 3adil)

anywayz, what really got on my nerves eb hal 7alqa was the way nadiya 9agir & m7amad il man9oor kept on interrupting him while he was explaining stuff by asking questions. why don't they wait for him to finish what he's saying 1st?!

oo i noticed that hathy mo awal marrah etkoon 6areeqat'hum chithy.. taqreeban everytime they have a guest on etifaninoon shloon ega63oonah... 7atan u can clearly see Dr.muhammed annoyed by that coz he gives them the "smile" ..

the show has good topics sometimes but il mothe3een ga3deen e5arboon 3alaih.. i mean, shfeeh il man9oor zayed estihbalah?! (enarfizoon)

The Shopaholic series

i bought these books two weeks ago and i've only read 2 of them and i'm in love!

it's the shopaholic series written by Sophie Kinsella, it's really hilarious and when u start u just can't stop.. it's about this girl who lives in london. she's so addicted 2 shopping and has serious financial problems but she always finds a way to justify her spending.. sometime she reminds me of myself, the way i justify buying an expensive item and telling myself that it's an investment and that i woud wear it for AGES.. and end up wearing it once or twice and just fall out of love with it!

i recomend reading it, it's simply witty and funny..

Mar 28, 2008

Ladies & gents, say hello to:


So... it's my 1st post!

i've been wanting to join the blogosphere for a while .. but i guess i just didn't have the time to go through the prossess.. u know, beginners need time to familiarize themselves oo chithy.. the whole proccess took more than sa3tain min the time i joined lain 6ala3 hal post!

anywayz, what's wrong with the weather and weekends?! it seems like everytime the weekend arrives yi3tifis il jaw =(
hope it get's better 2morrow ...