Apr 28, 2008

Strange habbits?!

I love food.. and i'm not the kind of person that eats fast, i think of eating fast as a waste of il ni3ma illy god gave to us.. we should enjoy every spoonful and take time to appreciate it!!

most people i know finish their plate in 10 minutes, why are they in such a hurry?!
they also say that i'm really slow and have the weirdest habbits in eating, but it's just because (as i said before) i love to enjoy food.. plus that's the healthy way of eating, right? ;)

however, i do have certain habbits.. for example, it has got to be the right amount of daqoos mixed with il machboos.. and i always eat the thing i like most at the end , saving the best for last! =D

what brought this subject up?

i was eating skittles and i ALWAYS eat it in this order:
orange, purple, red, yellow, then the best flavor, the green one!

hmm .. come to think of it, i might be a tiny bit weird!

Apr 25, 2008

Is it just me? or is..

.. 5alid 3abdiljleel's beard weird?!

so precisely shaped and looks exactly the same each and every week!

Apr 24, 2008

what a way to start my Bday!

so today is my birthday! and here's how the 1st hour goes:

12.45am, me and hubby just about to sleep when:

Hubby: journal, china 7sait eb shay yamshy 3ala reely..
Journal: WHAT?! min 9ijik? tara maly 5ulg '3ashmarah, turn the light on!
Hubby: la la 5ala9 china etarawaly (too lazy to get up =Pp)

6ab3an ehny ana gumt oo i turned the lights on o pulled the duvet cover.. there was nothing.. but just as i was about to check near the end (where the cover gets tucked under the bed) wila my hand et7oosh something oo that something comes crawling out!!!

i literally screamed my lungs out and ran off to il 7amam (3azkum allah) oo ra2san 3al sink oo started washing my hands almost crying!

6ab3an what it was i can't say coz i was not wearing my lenses wala my glasses fa ma shift ila shay aswad.. hubby then killed that thing and told me it was a 5unfisana!

abaih shino ya3ni eshyayibha 3indina! oo illy e7ir enna 3 weeks ago mukafa7at il 7asharat came o sprayed the house ma midahum eridoon! it took me a while to get back to sleep coz i started to hallucinate oo imagined ena fee shay yamshy 3ala thahry!

anywayz, il youm when i got to work and turned il3jairy's calender to today's page look what i found:

heheh ee wallah 9aj ,, dabbat il 7asharat oo wain?! on my bed! =(

Apr 20, 2008

Ya wardity ya nideyah

mom had a gathering of family yesterday and i was in charge of making the flower arrangement.. so i went to au nom de la rose's new branch in altilal complex in shwai5 (lovely place by the way).. i love their simple and amazing arrangements.. you can't help but fall in love with them!

the arrangment with the big vase in the pic below eyanin! loved the colour combination =)

Apr 16, 2008

Très chic!

Look at this sleek mobile by Sony Ericsson .. so cool 9a7?!

i usually get me a Nokia cell.. not that they'r good quality or anything, it's just that i'm used to them.. ma3a ena the 1 that i have now 7addah 5arboo6ah.. 2 minutes after starting a phone call oo it starts to make this "5ash5ishah" sound =(

i tried motorola once oo the quality was SO MUCH better, but as i said above, esti3malah edodihny oo i hated not being able to receive business cards from other non-moto cells..

but nowadays i hear that Sony Ericsson is the best.. if ur using one plz let me know what u think =)

Apr 14, 2008

Let the shows begin!

I just finished watching yesterday's episode of Desperate Housewives!!
yaaay! =D
GOD i love that show! it just keeps on getting better...

this month also marks the return of the shows that i love and most of them will be returning on my BDay!! i like to think of it as a gift for me ;P

21-4 gossip girl
24-4 grey's anatomy
24-4 ugly betty
24-4 lost

and as for prison break and cashmere mafia i don't know when they'll be back..

what other shows u like to watch???

Apr 13, 2008


Did you know what Kate Bosworth has two diffferent eye colours?!
She was born with a hazel section at the bottom of her right blue eye, while the left is completely blue.
how cool is that?! i think it gives her that mysterious look..

sub7an allah ma kint adry ena that could happen to human beings.. i thought that it could only happen to cats!

it's a rare case called sectoral heterochromia, click on the link of u wanna learn more about it.

Apr 11, 2008


what's going on outside!?
i was watching tv and all of a sudden i hear this noise coming from outside and i went to have a look from the window and what i saw was scary!
the wind was so strong illy mathalat il sayarat is shaking chinha eb tinshili3..
faj2a it became very dusty, shaway wila mu6ar! shway wila ebridy!
it only lasted for about 15 min but when i went outside everything was upside down.

the weather forcast says that it will be unstable for the rest of the day so watch out..

hubby took those pics on his way home..

trees on the streets

a house bil freej.. ashwa il mathalah mo 7ayshah il car..

Apr 9, 2008


i heard from a friend that flickr will add videos to their site..so i went to check it out and it seems that it's true! although i couldn't actually see any video or a link to videos... but it's written right here:

there are few members of flickr that disapprove with it as u can see in the pictures below.. and i agree with them! we don't need another site for videos! we have youtube for that.. pictures are flickr's thing! and adding videos will ruin that.. hope they change their minds!

Apr 8, 2008

little maestro

my friend sent me an email that had this cute pic.. it made me smile so i thought that i'd share that with u..
the 1st thing that crossed my mind when i saw it was this song!

Get Your Own Player!

i'm not into operah but i love this song! even though i don't understand a word!

Apr 5, 2008

Cooking attempt

so here's the thing:
i like cooking
but i'm a bad cook!

not the "michabees oo em6abag" kind of cooking.. but the "pastas and desserts" type...
(ok, to be compeletely honest here i'm the "sara lee cake with some kind of topping and voila" type of cook! ;Pp )

anyways.. i was invited for lunch yesterday & i decided to make a slightly complicated dessert so i went for this one: Banoffee cheesecake, it sounded and looked fancy!

the cake has 3 layers..
of course the digestive,

the cheese mix,

then the dulce de leche

everything went fine until i got to the last layer.. when i put it on top it started to sink into the cheese mix!
ok .. that wasn't supposed to happen right?! so i went to check on the recipe only to find that it said "pour cheese mixture onto the bananas/biscuit base, then put in refrigerator for at least 3 hours or overnight" whaaaat?! it was 1:00pm and i'm supposed to leave in 10 min! i have no time! gilt awadeeha oo illy e9eer e9eer =(

6ab3an as u can see.. il kaika ma 9akkat! so i told them it was Banoffee pudding!! heheh

but the taste was amaaaaaaazing and that's what count 9a7?! ;)

Apr 3, 2008


There is this cute litttle shop in london that is called Octopus.. it's AMAZING! i could spend an hour there and i wouldn't mind! it's a gifts & gadgets store.. selling different stuff like kitchen equipments, accessories oo 5arabee6.. eshaaawig! i feel like a child in a candy store!
and this is what i bought last time from there:

can u believe how cute this tweezer is?!

i got really confused on which tweezer i should get that i ended up buying 3 of them! heheh!

The shop is located in Cranby street and Covent garden.

Apr 1, 2008


i'd like to start my post with a few words to my old friend, may it rest in peace:

goodbye my little green music machine.. u've been a dear friend for a long time, u were always there for me when the music on the radio was awful.. u helped pass the time when travelling.. u always cheer me up with a few good songs when i'm sad, and u stood by me until the very last breath of ur battery life.. thank u for being there!

so.. i've finally bought a new ipod! although i still love my green mini, but i though it was time to upgrade. 9ij there is a big difference! mo mit3awdah 3ala pics oo videos oo kil hal technology! a7is nafsy mit6awra ;P

and the iTrip is much easier than before! u don't have to download the stations which means that they won't be played when i put it on shuffle heeyah! heheh..