Dec 15, 2009

Having a lil Me Time

If u haven't tried Me Time nail spa what are you waiting for?!

I like trying out nail salons so when i heard about Me Time I wanted to give it a try and was not able to do so until a few days back and I loved it!

I liked the atmosphere.. the place was clean and they use Autoclave sterilizing for their equipment.. the sofa was reaaaally comfy and has an adjustable back.. it also has an option for back massage if u want.. oo the coolest thing enna u have ur own TV screen with a headset oo ur own remote control to watch the channels u want! wanasaaah! all that and the pricing was very reasonable, I expected it to be in the range of Bubbles bs it wasn't.. 11 KD for a regular pedi/mani!

This place will definitely be me #1 choice from now on! (sorry my beloved Nstyle.. bs u have to admit enna the facilities over there are much better!)

(plz excuse the low quality phone images)

Dec 10, 2009

Rare commodity

Sipping my fav morning drink.. I realized that it was the last box of chocolate milk in the fridge.. and with the KDD factory not functioning after the fire I can't seem to find it on any co-op's shelf =(

so I had to take a pic as a memory.. who knows when is the next time I'm gonna have another one =(

the funny thing enna right after that and when checking my reader I saw this post.. hahah! it seems that I'm not the only one missing it!

the question is what brand has the 2nd best chocolate milk?? last time I bought almara3i's bs ma jarrabtah still.. any recommendations would be appreciated!