Jul 31, 2009


I was tagged by What Im about a while ago (sorry it took me this long!) to do the 8s tag.. so here we go!

8 Things I'm looking forward to
1. Starting my masters studies.
2. Ramadan.
3. Lgaimat and tamreyah in ramadan!
4. Renovating our room.
5. My spa appointment this Saturday.
6. Watching Bruno!
7. I'm gonna skip this point.. 3ayazt afakir eb shay mani lagyah!
8. This one also ;p

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Live barra il Kuwait for a while.
2. Read minds.
3. Have my own business and be myself's boss.
4. Not be afraid of cockroaches.
5. Have a cat.. damn allergies! =/
6. Be an astronaut.
7. Exercise more often.
8. Can i skip this too?!

8 Things I love
1. Hubby.
2. My family.
3. Chocolate.
4. Food in general!
5. Every once in a while: being a potato couch and doing nothing useful.. watching tv while eating something yummy and fattening.
6. A good read, nothing beats curling up with a book the type illi u can't stop reading.
7. Bukhoor in winter.
8. Shopping.

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Went to work.
2. Went to the tailor.
3. Visited the family.
4. Watched TV.
5. Surfed the net.
6. Complimented a person.
7. Made pasta.
8. Teased my nephew shwaya.

8 Shows I Watch
1. Desperate housewives.
2. Gossip girl.
3. Ugly betty.
4. Grey's anatomy.
5. LOST.
6. 24.
7. Dexter.
8. Lipstick jungle.

I think most of u have already done this tag.. those who didn't consider urselves tagged by me ;)


Jul 24, 2009

Back home

and jet lagged so badly!
i sleep at 1:00am and after waking up for il fayer i can't go back to sleep,then me, the person that does not sleep il 3a9ir, sleep for 2-3 hrs il 3a9ir! i'm getting a total of 4-5 hrs aday =/

There were no sings of swine flue in every airport i've been to except for Kuwait's.. they give u those forms to fill out oo u get scanned in by the camera that detects heat illi u have to walk by to go to the baggage claim area..

anyways.. back to NY, the two areas i loved the most were Soho and the Meatpacking District..

the area has some really nice stores and good restaurants and cafes.. wandering around the streets of Soho i saw this drawn on a wall

looks familiar?! ;p

One of the best pizza's u'll have there is at Lombardi's

Share the pizza so u can have dessert in the close by Rice To Riches.. they serve the best rice pudding i've ever had..

oo there were so many flavors to choose from it was really hard! at the end i went with the one with cookie dough.. 3ajeeeb! (reminded me of cerelac which i secretly still like ;p)

i loved the signs they had hanging all around the store check them out:

Nespresso's branch in Soho was still not fully opened.. but it had some cool law7at on display of celebrities all made out of their coffee capsules

The Meatpacking District
a very hip area that also has some cool shops and trendy restaurants ..

I tried out Pastis that was recommended to me by a friend.. though, like the Buzberry said, the food was nothing special but it was the perfect place for Sunday brunch

the owners of Pastis are the same owners of Soho's Balthazar.. they have a similar menu. i tried it for lunch.. the experience was much better than the burnch at pastis..

This was drawn on a wall infront of spice market (which was so not worth it oo so overrated).. i think i like the drawing more with the vandalism.. the moustache gives it some character ;p

That's all!
now if only i can get rid of the jetlag faster.. it's been a while now yarabi eshkithir more do i have to suffer?!

Jul 8, 2009

JE goes to the UN

It was a great experience getting to go into the different halls and seeing them 3al 6abee3a..

The building itself wasn't as i imagined it would be.. it was an old building.. nothing fancy at all.. but i loved the items that u see scattered around in glass boxes.. each one represent a gift from a UN member..

the one u can see below is Iran's gift that is placed at the entrance, framed rugs of pictures of ru2asa2 il umam il muta7ida min il bedaya lai al7een..

this is Kuwait's gift.. a large boum..

This is one of the halls and as u can see there was a side meeting being held..

Unfortunately, i was not allowed to take pics of il qa3a illi i like to call qa3at il ameer (alah yir7umah).. the one that he spoke his heartbreaking speech ayam il ghazoom in bcoz of an ongoing meeting.. bs il shu3oor of standing in that room was indescribable.. i had goose bumps allover.. allah lay3ood theech il ayam..

Jul 2, 2009


Ok, 1st of all i must say enna I'm travelling so no need to count the calories.. besides, i'm walking around everyday for a minimum of 5 hrs fa that sure will be enough to burn that fat! (i hope).. now to the post ;p

There were 4 burger places that i wanted to try in NYC, so far i've covered 3 of them.. Burger Joint, PJ Clarks, and Shake Shack..

Burger Joint:

enter Le Parker Meridien hotel and on the left tucked away in a small narrow mamar u'll see this sign..

follow it and u'll be entering a tiny heavenly place!

6ab3an they serve nothing but burgers o they only accept cash.. i was reeeeaally hungry so i had to have a bite b4 i snap a pic.. it has a smokey taste to it that adds an amazing flavor..

Shake Shack:

They have 3 branches, we went to the one in Madison Square Park, "the place where it all began" 3ala golat'hum..

the waiting line was insane! we had to wait for almost 25 min.. but at the end it was completely worth it!

u place ur order and get a pager that shakes when ur order is ready.. oh and u HAVE to try their shakes! a little heavy oo on the custardy side bs 3ajeeeeb!

PJ Clarcks:

they too have many locations, we went to the one on 3rd ave. if ur reeaally hungry this is the place for u! for they serve the food in less than 10 min!

Over all, i loved all 3 of them, bs Burger Joint in my opinion comes in 1st place..