May 29, 2008


I received these pics through email.. and I found them to be really inspiring..

It made me think..
If a snail can work out It's problems on It's own without complaining or questioning It's abilities, so can we!

May 26, 2008

Hand Cream

I bought this Cherry Blossom hand cream few days ago from L'Occitane..

i liked it's size which is perfect for also has this wonderful smell .. it doesn't feel heavy when u put it on o it's not sticky!

i also like how it opens mithil goo6y il mustard .. easy with no fuss.. I love it!

May 24, 2008

A day under the sun

The weather today was amazing for swimming, and since a3la maad was at 1:45PM we decided to go to il chalet for a swim.. il mayah was 3ajeebah.. zibdah mashallah oo the water's temperature was just right.. nazzalna il jet ski oo i had a few falls but it was fun!

here's my tanning gear..

we stayed bil ba7ar until 5:30 fa i had a good tan (or shall i call it suwaad?!?!) hehhe anywayz i like my colour now.. white dresses will look better on me ;P

now i'm really tired after all that and thinking of a really good meal.. maybe some fa6ayir? (yummy!) and a good movie to watch..

(sorry for the unclear pics.. i forgot my camera and took the pics with my mobile)

May 21, 2008

Oh my god!

I just finished watching last sunday's episode of desperate housewives.. the show keeps on getting better and better..

i mean...

that sums it all up!

May 20, 2008

A forgotten family member

Meet *"turtle", our family memeber since 1999..

my dad got it for my nephew o my nephew hab feeh habbah kil ma zarna ga3ad wiyah outside for hours, laman mal oo he forgot all about it!

oo it continued to be the interest of each nephew or niece until they reach the age of 2-3 years when they loose interest in the poor thing!

to be honest, i also forget that we have a turtle o i remember it when one of the kids reach that certain age .. and that is whats happening right now.. the youngest edition to the family ( allah e7afith'hum ) 9ayer hammah il awal wil a5eer il turtle!

if i want to let him come to me or give me a hug i'll just tell him that i'll show him the "totol" (3ala goaltah) oo he'll come! .. hehehe, the things he'll do for a turtle!

*by the way, i just realized that it doesn't have a name! 9 years & still no name!

May 17, 2008

il da2irah il thanya

for all you people in the second district here's a link for live updated charts of the votes in each man6iqah bil district. (i'm not sure how accurate this site is but i thought that i'd share it with u)


so today is the day!

i woke up at 9:00 .. got to the voting place at 9:40 .. walked out at 11:50 !!!!

it was a total mess.. 7addah ma kan feeh tantheem..
i went to my lajna and stood in line .. after 10 min they say enna i should take a number.. so i took this peice of paper and my number was 47.. ooooookaaaay! so maybe they were giving the numbers out min il 9ub7 oo il arqam ily gabil already e5li9aw so jidamy bas shwaya..

30 min later and the line was NOT moving!

it was really hot (ashwa ina e'3bara o mako shams!) so they told us to sit in one of the classes and they'll come call us when it's our turn.. we waited for another half an hour and no one comes to call us.. ma3qoola?!

so i went out to ask the people that were supposed to be organizing the process wila the changed the numbers to a blue paper instead of the white one that i have! bs ashwa galaw il white papers go in 1st.. one of the ladies that arrived with me told me that they changed her number to the blue one and now her number is 8 instead of 48!! waay 7addy tanarfazt! shino hal tantheem il 5warah!

ba3ad let the people just come and stand in line.. il numbers esh7agah?! sawaw looyah malha da3y! lee darajat ena at least 10 ladies infront of me just walked away without voting min kithir ma ohma em3a9been!!!

p.s: the number i'm talking about is not raqam il qaid.. it's raqam il dour..

May 13, 2008

Kuwait lost today one of her finest men
May he rest in peace

Shiekh Sa'ad Alabdullah Alsalim AlSabah

إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون

May 11, 2008

A clown in town!

One of my favorite kuwaiti writers in newspapers (if not the favorite is Mu7amad msa3ad il 9ali7.. his column (allah bil 5air) is the 1st thing i read in a news paper.. esloobah wayd 7ilo oo naqzatah 3ajeebah! plus he has this wonderful sence of humor..

what brought the subject up is me watching this clown-murasha7 on scope tv that was crying.. no, seriously.. CRYING with eyes full of tears begging for votes!!

heheh min 9ijah?! o min 9ijhum il nas e9afgoonlah?!

he says that the 1st thing he'll do after winning is bringing the chair for his jama3ah to yitmarja7oun 3alaih!!! hahah wallah 7alah!!

il muhim, i was watching him o i remembered mu7amad msa3ad il 9ali7s's article 3anah piblished last saturday.. fee a5ir il 3amoud he said:

آخر العمود:
انتخبوا مرشحكم بو سعبولة» ليس مستبعدا ان نقرأ ونشاهد في التلفزيون هذا النداء.. فقد شاهدت مرشحا ملأ جيوبه بمناديل ورقية (كلينكس)، وبين كلمة واخرى يمسح «السعبولة» الى ان انتهى مخزون الكلينكس فاستعمل غترته الشماغ ليمسح بها فمه وسعابيله.. فاذا نجح المرشح المقبل، فانه سيوزع على المواطنين «علب كلينكس وغتر!».

lol! soooooo true!

here's the link to the article

May 9, 2008

Gladiator Sandals

i'm in love with the gladitor sandals which are a huge thing this season, and i got me some.. but i'm not quite sure how to wear them.. they look good with long dresses but i just can't pull that look off.. only a model can do that!

i like this giuseppe zanotti pair alot..

hmmm, i guess it'll have to be a Dear Confashion issue..

May 5, 2008

Look of the day

One of my daily stops on the net is's Look Of The Day..

i like to vote and see which look gets most of the votes.. i especially like it when the look that i chose is got more votes then the chosen look for the day! (haha dodahtkum?!) it's like my taste is better that a fashion magazine's!!! ;Pp

it's silly i know!!
but i can't help it.. it makes me happy!

Cameron Diaz looks stunning..

May 1, 2008

il Jam3iya's List

Our cook writes me a list of things he needs from il jam3iyah every week.. i hate the going to il jam3iyah part, but i love it when i see the list! it's soo funny trying to figure out the words .. just like a weekly puzzle! heheh .. here is the list and it's transelation below..

1- عدس
3- ثوم
4- زنجبيل
5- طماط
6- قيمر
7- خس
8- كركم
9- vinegar
10- بطاط
11- معجون طماط
12- صابون لولو( soap for dishes )
13- خبز