Sep 29, 2009

The Lost Symbol

So I'm done reading the book.. The Verdict? I liked it.. but not as much as I thought I would! it did not meet my expectations and excitement when I 1st got my hands on it..

a7is bil nehaya kanat il qi99a mamqoo6ah! ya3ni it's 509 pages, and I think it should have stopped at taqreeban 489.. to me, those last 20 pages makan lihum da3i!

another fellow blogger wrote a complete review of the book oo I agree with every single word he wrote.. check out 4th ring road's post for a detailed review..

Sep 20, 2009

3eedkum embarak

A7la shay laman yindi3is eb eedkum hal tharf bu e6ar emkha6a6 a7mar wazrag.. ya zeena zeenah!

Hope u have a great one! =D

Sep 16, 2009

Got it!

The newest addition to the professor Langdon series.. now i have something interesting to read in the upcoming holiday =D

Sep 11, 2009

O fabulous dress, where art thou?

As soon as Ramadan finishes the weddings season begins.. i have many upcoming weddings oo i need evening dresses so desperately!

but since bedayat rmuthan wana I'm not in the mood for shopping.. mali khulg za7mat il soog.. fa i'm looking online with no luck what so ever..

I had my eye on a dress oo i was waiting for net-a-porter enna enazloonah.. fa i'm checking their site eb ayam taftee7at'hum 3ashan awal ma yanzil i buy it.. fa last week i was checking 3al thahary willa lail7een ma nazalaw.. half an hour later willa it's there and sold out!!!

besmillah il ra7man il ra7eem! it was only half an hour ago that i checked their site! its not faaaair!

3ad kint em3alqa 3alaih amaal.. oo i already had the hairdo and shoes picked =(
i guess i'll have to go shopping now and atqalqa9 eb hal za7ma illi i was trying to avoid.. i have to at least have one dress in my closet before the end of rmuthan to be on the safe side =/


Sep 4, 2009


the 13th of ramadam marks the 1st day of gergai3an.. where kids walk around houses asking for sweets, doing it the modern way with their nannies and a driver tagging along!

those 3 days used to be the highlight of ramadan when i was a kid.. awal ma e5alli9 il fu6oor i'll be ready with my gergai3an bag hanging around my neck waiting for my mother's permission for me to start walking around the blocks of our area with my neighboring friends..

6ab3an kanat 3indina 5i66a mu3ayanah bil tegirgi3.. en5ish il byoot illy ta36ey ashya2 san3ah 7ag a5ir shay! there is this one house that gives away kitkat + 1 bafak! hehehe allah ya wanasatna!

aaahhh the golden old days =)