Feb 24, 2009

In the spirit of the National Holiday

I loved the fence surrounding the construction site on the Sheraton roundabout.. So adorable and so much more fun than a simple plain metal fence!

anyways, i'll be away for the upcoming few days fa happy national & liberation day to u all o enjoy the holiday! ;)

Feb 19, 2009

Kuwaiti nafar

In the past couple of weeks I had some work in another office. Whenever I come and go there fee a cleaning worker bil madkhal oo gabil cham youm 9idaf enna he’s with me bil elevator:

Worker: enta ay balad?
JE: Kuwait
Worker: wayd zain fe wahid shugul a7san min ga3ad bait.
JE: ee a7san.

Today morning on my way in I saw him:

Worker: Shloooooonik zaaain?
JE: 7imdillah enta shloonik
Worker: enta lazim ya36y baqsheesh wa7id dinar.
JE: (ana hny ma fahamt shino gal) shino?
Worker: lazim ya36y baqsheesh wa7id dinar. Enta Kuwaiti nafar!

My reaction was like a big “!”

That was the funniest thing I heard in a while!
What if I’m Kuwaiti? am I supposed to be a walking cash machine??
It’s not about the 1kd, it’s a small amount that I can give it to him if i want to.. It’s about how he asked for it and his perception of Kuwaitis. Chinna being a “Kuwaiti nafar” obliges me to give him some money!

anyways, il 7imdillah 3al ni3mah illy e7na feeha..


Feb 14, 2009

Happy valentine's day!

and no, I didn't make this pizza.. it was a complimentary pizza from Obika Mozzarella Bar. It was my 1st time there (and my last).. the food was just.. Blah! nothing special.

anyways, I'm not a big fan of valentine's day.. i think that ppl should celebrate their love each and everyday.. bs at the same time a simple gesture , like a simple post-it note, won't hurt ;)

for the ppl who believe in this day, hope u had a good one =)

Feb 9, 2009


I've been tagged by on-the-rocks and zaboo6a to do the grumpy tag...

here's how it goes (with some amendments from me):

1.Put a pic of a grumpy person

2. 2 things that are abnormal.

- etha minba6a chabdy min shay at7al6am to my reflection bil mirror.
- the sound of a buzzing bee or a fly gives me goosebumps.. it's annoying!

3. 1 thing that irritates you:

- il za7ma bil shuwari3 etha ana mista3yilah.

4. one thing that triggers your anger.
ppl that only know u when they need something from u.

5. 3 persons u can't live without

6. person u don't want to see
M .. everything about her annoys me oo i want her out of my life for good!

7. ur fav food.

8. 3 of ur fav songs:

my all time favorites: allah ya 5oafy (nabeel sh3ail), 3awafy (it's old oo i don't know mino eghaneeha but they put it alot bil3roos oo whenever they do i just have to dance ;p ), and dancing in the moonlight (Toploader) always lifts my mood..

That’s it!


Feb 6, 2009


A few weeks back i had an appointment to cut my hair with this supposedly very good hair dresser that comes every few months to Kuwait. I saw her work on many of my friends and family oo their hair cuts were amazing. oo me being the non-risk-taker thought i should give her a try and change my hair cut which was pretty much the same for the past... hmm .. wallah muddah!

i told her i want a side swept bang oo some layers infront.. oo while i was waiting for my turn i saw her cut a few girls' hair oo each one of them came out with a great haircut.. oo i was flipping through a magazine when i came across a pic of the haircut i wanted.. JE being overly confident galat laaa mayi7tay awareeha ehya t3arif o she's professional...

but i ended up with something close to this..

it's hideous!
min thak il youm oo i'm literally living on hair bands and mashat =(
o al7een ya enna asta7mil oo i grow it back aw i chop it off (note that i hate short hair on me bs atwaqa3 a7san min il wath3 illy ana feeh al7een)...

it's at moments like these when u wish u were a boy.. etgar3oon oo kilha a couple of months o u get ur old hair back =(