Aug 31, 2008

3adat 3alaikum

Ramdan is back again! and along comes it's rituals..
whether spiritual or eb6ainy-tual .. these rituals are what makes it so special..

here are some of my favourites:

1. the yireesh that i anticipate each year from our neighbours.

2. moments right before fu6oor when the radio is on and we'r waiting for the " jahiz? ermy *6aa5* " oo raaaakthah 3al tamrah!

3. 9alat il jeyaam.

4. doulkat il vimto.. i don't know why it only comes out bermuthan!

5. opening the door for il kids illy egargi3oon and telling them to egargi3oon 3ala esmy.. yes, a7ib awanis 3umry ;p

6. tamreeyah .. oh how i love u!

7. the discussion that takes place every year on whether to put il fu6oor ra2san.. aw bs dates and soup then a prayer break then serve the rest of the food.. i'm always on the ra2san team ;p

8. kids all dressed up in dishdashas and bu5nag's for gergai3an.

9. 5ubiz ergaag with chay 7aleeb for su7oor.

10. the " 3adat 3alaikum ya hala.. ya hala feekum ya hala.. fee kil lailah.. sahra
jameelah sahraneen" song on KTV playing over and over.

11. the alarm we set before il emsaak for that last sip of water.. which we end up missing at least 10 times eb hal shahar. =/

12. eating the leftover a6ayif's dough.. YUM!

13. the occasional "3eedkum embarak" that sometimes slips when u meant to say "mbarak 3alaikum il shahar"

14. and the occational "allah ebarik feech" that slips when u meant to say "3alaina o 3alaich.

ahh these things never fail to put a smile across my face =)
so what are ur favourites?!

embarak 3alaikum il shahar ya jima3ah oo 3asakum min 3uwadah =)

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Aug 30, 2008

Effortlessly stylish

i love everything in Charlize Theron's look here.. from her oversized glasses to her stacked bracelets and flats.. everything! .. i love the blazer over a dress look.. i think i will give it a try =)

Aug 26, 2008

It's that time of year

*beeb beep*
my mobile rings.. it's a message.. i open it and.. arrrgh not again!
"yasuruna da3watikum le 7uthoor ma3rathena lil dara3at il ramathaniyah...etc"

how i hate these msgs! if u know the person oo she sent it to u u'll have to go.. in such situations i always feel obliged to buy something.. ya3ni a7is fashlah if i didn't go .. oo ham fashlah etha i did go oo i didn't buying something...fa there goes a 70-100 KD down the drain!

6ab3an unless it's a really good exibition oo it sells stuff u really want.. but for a person that rarely ever wears a darra3ah those msgs are ham 3al galb yitkarar every year =/

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Aug 21, 2008

The olympics

these days the TV is almost on sports channels all the time.. allah e3afeehum 3ala il olympics its so much fun to watch! oo u know which channel has the most fun mu3alliq? it's KTV3!

yes.. i do watch the olymipcs on our dear lame channel! bs il mu3alliq il ma9ry mooooo 9ij! u guys have to listen to him! e3alliq 3ala al3aab il quwa..
here are some of the things he said that really made me laugh!


someone famous oo marrocan (i have no idea who he was) was giving the medals out for a ba7rainy runner coz he won a gold medal.. oo as he was doing so, he gave him a hug:

il mu3alliq: ana kunt sakit bs dilwa2ty 7aftha7 il sir.. Dah baladiyaatoh!

medals where being handed out to women finalists.. one of the runnerups was wearing huge star shapped earings oo the winner was wearing an even huger (is that a word?) hoops:

il mu3alliq: bu9 dool 3ala singat 3ashara zay may2ooloo.. dah mush 7ala2 dah 6oo2 (6oog)

now the one who's handing the medals was kissing the winner:

il mu3alliq: bu9 dah 7ata 5ash eb 3ainha!

he's reading players names oo some a9ilhum 3araby.. i think they were french.. il muhim he gets really angry oo says: mafeesh wala2 il ayam deh.. il wala2 dilwa2ty ba2a lil dollar!

u know when its the running compitition, players don't run that fast until the last round when they really start to run like there is no tomorrow!
among them was this qatari player oo he's running really fast bil 1st rounds oo fach 3an bajy il players (6ab3an a5ir shay laman 9ar the last round 7addah 5ag oo 6afooh):

il mu3alliq: eih dah eih dah! bte3mil eih enta.. yi5rib baitik ya 3abee6!! (ok that was harsh.. but it made me laugh really hard coz i wasn't expecting to hear something like that!)

wallah u guys have to listen to him! he's on around 3:30PM chithy!

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Aug 16, 2008

What was she thinking?!

i was flipping through tv channels when i came across this:


now let me copy go fug urself's style..

what do u think was going on?
a) she was making a beauty statement.
b) she was trying to cover a zit!
c) someone was pulling a prank and drew on her face with a permanent marker (like rachel in that friends episode!)
d) ........ (submit ur own reason! be creative ppl!)

Aug 14, 2008

Cooking attempt #3

.. and a successful one might i add! =D

(click here for the 1st and 2nd attempts)

I simply love carrots cake.. oo i had this recipe that i've been wanting to try for a while but i always thought enna it's too difficult for me! u know.. coz i'll have to actually make the cake! not simply use SaraLee's pound cake and add some kind of topping oo 5ala9na.. la2 this was the real deal! ;p

the other day i had nothing to do so i said why not give it a shot.. at least i'm not doing it for an occasion fa if anything went wrong it's ok..

so i started off with preparing the ingredients..

and just as i was about to pour the mixture bil pan i realised that i must divide the cake batter into two pans oo i only had one! =/
i had to bake each layer seperately fa it took me around 3 hours to finish it..
but the result was compeletely worth the hassle and the wait!

my fellow bloggers.. i now present u my pride and joy..

omg i can't believe that i actually made this piece of art from scratch!
i'm soooo happy!
i'm a good cook after all! =D

and here's a link to the recipe..

Aug 11, 2008

Let's Shuffle!

i've been tagged by the two lovely gals noonie & ghadoor..
u know the rules.. so, let the shuffle begin!

1. If someone says "Is this okay?" u say?
7addik hina - 3abdilmajeed (heheh.. it's starting off well ;) )

2. What would best describe your personality?
Labels or love - Fergie (hmm .. what can i say? a girl loves her labels! ;p )

3. What would u like in a guy/girl?
Beat goes on - Madonna

4. How do u feel today?
Stronger - Kanye West ( hehehe 7arakaaaat! )

5. What is ur life's purpose?
athwa2 il shuhra - Carol Sma7ah ( i don't wanna be famous! @@ )

6. What do ur friends think of u?
4 minutes - Madonna

7. What do u think of ur parents?
Ti9adig wila a7liflak (jalsa) - An'3am

8. What do u think about very often?
Damaged - Danity Kane

9. What do u think of ur best friend?
Dar il '3urbah - A9alah (haw laish li'3ligah?!)

10. What do u think of the person u like?
Bust it baby - Plies ft. Ne-Yo

11. What is ur life story?
Fedwitin lich - Slaiman il Mullah .. hmmmm

12. What do u think when u see someone u like?
Get me bodied - Beyonce

13. What do ur parents think od u?
Don't stop the music - Rihanna

14. What will u dance to at ur wedding? ( hmm i guess i'm done with that question ;p)
Sunday mornings - Maroon 5

15. What will they play at ur funeral? ( shino ma ra7 etheeg 5ulg'hum 3alay?! @@ )
Warwick avenue - Duffy

16. What is ur hobby/interest?
Tears dry on their own - Amy Winehouse

17. What is ur biggest secret?
Yama layaly - Carol Sma7a ( interesting how from aaall the songs i have the only two that i've got by carol managed to pop up!)

18. What do u think of ur friends?
Devil wouldn't recognize u - Madonna (and three by Madge!)

19. What should u post this as?
Heartbeat rock - Kylie Minogue

20. What do u think of urself?
Say - John Mayer

aaaaaand that's all folks!
and i taaag... hmm ... i guess by now most of u have been tagged..

Aug 9, 2008

Note to self

Never wear heels to kids birthday parties.. not even if they're new and u reaaally wanna wear them oh so badly.

Aug 7, 2008


Today i had two of my wisdom teeth removed.. i was so scared before i went in.. i literally shaked like a leaf while i was sitting on the chair.. but luckily i had a very good doctor.. i didn't feel a thing! no pain at all.. well, except for one of the injections.. which really didn't hurt that much, the pain was tolerable .. 7atan i didn't believe him when he said enna we'r done!

now the good thing is?

i get to eat icecream as much as i want! oo without even feeling guilty ;P

Aug 6, 2008

Good news for spicy food lovers

Interesting fact i heard over Oprah's show yesterday:

spicy food is healthy coz it's good for ur brain as it helps in keeping it strong as u grow older..
keeping ur brain strong helps preventing Alzheimers.. that's way it is said that India has lowest rate of Alzheimer’s disease.. the reason, being too obvious, is because they use spices in their food regularly..

good thing i like spicy food! =D

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Aug 3, 2008

Why can't I understand them?!

I had a spa appointment yesterday oo la7atht enna i can NEVER understand what il masseuse says! and that happens everytime and everywhere!
they speak english with this thai-ish chinese-ish accent illy wallah min '3air mubala'3ah kil kilmah wil thanya i'm like "sorry?" oo "come again?!"
willa algi6ly 1 word oo i remain silent staring at her for 2 min trying to analyze the word & put it in a sentence! ( which i often fail miserably at!).. it's really annoying!

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Aug 2, 2008


Eighteen years ago.. we were without a country, homeless, with a vague future.. our lil Kuwait was stolen from us.. But eb fathl allah we got Kuwaitna back.. allah la y3eed theech il ayaam..

In the memory of this day, lets all recall how the men and women gave all to their country.. how brave they were and how they stood in unity.. whether by using weapons and being part of il muqawamah, or by using their hands and cleaning the streets and baking bread.. i was just a 6 year old who drew pictures of sadam with his mouth open and kuwait's flag inside it.. i didn't understand the magnitude of the situation.. but now as i grew older, i appreciate what those men and women did for us..

allah e5aleech ya deeratna lina oo ya7fithich min kil shar.. oo 3asa allah e5aleena doom 3ala galb wa7id..

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