Dec 28, 2008

Enough is enough

What happened in Gaza cannot be described in words.. it's a massacre.. and the world is standing still!

We may not have alot that we can do.. some may say this post is silly and doesn't help, but I think that with a simple post we can show the world what inhumane act Israel has took.. show them what they did under the cover of fighting "terrorism".

Never under estimate the power of words.


Dec 25, 2008

Forcing the love

My mobile beeps, it’s a msg:

“There comes a point in ur life when u realize. Who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will. Some don’t worry about ppl from ur past. There is a reason why they didn’t make it to the future. Send this to everyone u don’t want to loose in 2009, including me, if u care. Try to collect12 it’s not easy”

U see this bold italic sentence?? I HATE It!
Ya3ni u send me this msg akeeeeed I will send it back to u!
Mo 6eeb minny bs u made me feel obliged to do so.. Killish ma feeha mi9daqiyah..

Fa ppl plz STOP forwarding hal type of msgs.. or erase the last part before u do.. let other ppl send u what they wanna send mo what u naw3an ma force them to!

Dec 18, 2008

Red polish

I just realized how much i hate removing red nail polish. ya3ni laish ma eroo7 eb sahalah!?
oo i hate it that my nails still have some traces of red even after spending 15 minutes trying to remove it.. 9ij di3lah! =/

Dec 7, 2008

3eedkum Mubarak

The alarm starts ringing early in the morning and i almost want to cry.. ma shiba3t noam! as i reach for it to turn it off i realize that we have a holiday! heeyah!

a huge smile crosses my face as i tuck the cover under my chin and thank good for the extra hours of sleep!

enjoy the holiday! =D

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Dec 5, 2008

il ebtisamah fe wajh a5eek 9adaqah

Why do policemen enafsoon 7ail when they give a ticket!?

ya3ni shda3wa i was just not wearing the seatbelt oo i just came out of the parking lot mo bayga 7alal a7ad wala thab7a a7ad!!

why can't u smile oo tell me don't do that again while handing me the ticket?!
wila agool la2, don't smile that's ok.. bs don't look down on me min 6araf 5ashmik .. being a policeman oo having the authority doesn't give u the right to treat people like they r worth nothing.. laish kil hal nafsiyah?!

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