May 22, 2010


One of the most honest and sincere persons i've ever known.. i do not know her in person, but i can feel it through her posts.. she spills whatever comes in her mind in her blog without fear of people judging her.. for that i love her.. and i know for sure that this strong lady can get through her illness and defeat it.. eb ethin allah oo with our prayers.. so pray for her..

May 15, 2010


As soon as i saw this ad i knew that i want to have this particular shade shown in it.. but that wasn't an easy task! everywhere i went to it was not available, i even searched for it with no luck during my short trip to Dubai ..

bs i finally got  my hands on one.. found it in Faces 360... u can imagine my happiness when i had my fingers wrapped around the carrier bag ;p

its the simple silly things that can make ur day =)

May 10, 2010

Mission: Shopping spree

As soon as I gave birth I couldn't wait to go shopping again!
sometimes being pregnant makes u feel like an old fashioned person.. I don't know why u rarely find stylish maternity wear ya3ni why does the majority of clothes have to be so blah!?
fa min il shahar il 6 wana a3ani bil hdoom.. il 7imdillah the weight that I gained was in the normal range.. oo after delivery i almost lost half of that weight fa finding clothes that fit will be easy right?
wa3alaya 3alay when I went shopping the 1st time only to an9idim enna kilshay elawi3 il chabd 3alay.. went into the fitting room with 4 dresses and 3 blouses to try on and came out with ZERO items to buy! waaaai3!

nothing fits nicely ='(
Mission: shopping spree
Result: big fat FAILURE

Next mission? gym subscription