Aug 31, 2010

Little steps that make a difference

After reading eshda3wa's post about recycling and her question "What do you guys do to help the environment?" I thought I'd answer her question in a post.

I do admit that in certain things I'm not a "green person", I mean I still use regular plastic bags when I go grocery shopping instead of reusable bags, bs I try my best to be as green as I can. I listed some of the things that I do to help the enviornment (3gub ma I listed them I noticed that most of them revolve around plastic bags don't ask y! :p ) :

* I don't throw away magazines, newspapers, flyers.. etc. I collect them and put them in the storeroom until i have a huge bulk and then call one of the recycling companies to pick them up (like The Green Target Co.).

* In the co-op:
- When I buy 1-3 items only I don't use a plastic bag, I can manage holding them in my hand without a bag.
- When u buy lettuce for example, it comes wrapped in nylon and u take it and weigh it, put it in a jam3iya bag, and then put the price label on it. Instead, I let them put the label on the nylon itself.
- When ur at the cashier let them put as many items possible in one bag. They usually put the toast in a bag, the cheese in another and so on while the bag is still empty.

* I use the plastic bags that comes home from the above step as nappy bags for mini me @ home ;p

* I reuse glass jars to store spices and other stuff.

* I use good quality shoeboxes as storage boxes. They do wonders in organizing ur stuff, have u seen LV's boxes?? they r very practical as they have the shape of drawers! very useful for storing socks and belts.

* Close the water faucet while burshing ur teeth, don't let the water run without any use.

Thats all that I can remember for now.. what about u?? have u got any ideas on how to save the environment?


Aug 17, 2010

Around Europe in 21 days - Part 2

More pics from the summer vacation.. I enjoyed taking pics of the amazing scenery that surrounded me.. just look at the ones with the sunflowers, I just wished that I could run through them as if I were in an indian movie (damn bees that were everywhere preventing me from doing so ;p)

Aug 13, 2010

Mubarak 3alaikum il shahar!

- 3asakum t9oomoonah bil 9i7a wil 3afya =)

- I woke up the 1st day only to find that it was only 7:30 am when work doesn't start until 9:30!!!
I was sooooo angry with myself laish enni thaya3t 3alay more than an hour of sleep! =S
bs 3naaaad I laid still until the alarm went off ;p2day i woke up 8:10.. fee taqadum bas ham I woke up b4 the alarm =(

- The best thing though is that @ work the air is clean, no trace of the nasty smell of smoke that sticks to my hair/clothes! =D

- The plan was that I'll eat less this ramadan to loose a couple of kilos. il 7a9il enni I'm eating more than 5 lgaimat wara il fu6ooor.. MORE THAN 5!! =(

- I'm loving Wataniya Telecom's advertisement.. wayd 7ilo and the acting ili feeh 6abee3i mafeeh ti9inni3..

- I really miss having mom and dad around.. I miss having fu6oor @ my parent's house.. 3asallah eridhum bil salamah enshallah...

- I was chatting with my friends about TV series, Sahir illail to be precise, I like how they dress.. they really do look like the 70s.. bs we were counting out the mistakes, like for example libs il medaris theek il ayam kan 3annabi mo rumadi, and the fact that @ that time all men who went to the university wore ghutra and 3igal ooo never went emfar3een.. la7athna enna we were watching it for the sake of finding mistakes rather than actually watching it ;p

- I was flipping through channels when I came across 7asan il ballam. Did u see his teeth makeover?? they are white and perfect!! too perfect that it feels wrong.. like something is missing, i prefer the old him with the messy teeth.. just like how il jasmi looked better fat..


Aug 9, 2010

Around Europe in 21 days - Part 1

This summer vacation was unplanned and spontaneous which made it so much more fun!
It flew by so fast oo suddenly it was like khala9 2morrow I'll go back to work, oo kan e7ooshni sh3oor 1st day of school, ili ba6ni e3awirni oo i feel like crying ;p
Do u still get that feeling?! ;p

I'll Leave the pics to do the talking ;)

Aug 2, 2010

20 years

It's been 20 years yet I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday.. even though I was only a 6 year old child at that time.. not so aware of the situation and the complications, but aware of the fact that our country has been taken away from us...

اللهم إحفظ الكويت وشعبها من كل مكروه