Aug 29, 2009

It takes around 4hrs30!

To make margoog!!
or like Dad likes to call it ravioli naydey ;p

after going through 3abeer alrashid's cookbook "ilthawaqah 3" i decided to choose something from the a6baq il kuwaitiya section.. oo i chose to try making margoog.. go my ingredients ready for the big day (yesterday)..

it was my 1st time cooking meat!
fa i was really afraid that it would be zafir.. bs ashwa il 7imdillah it was cooked to perfection ;p

here i arrange the meat with the onions, garlic, samn, and spices.

after a long process of stirring and waiting for the meats water to dry, this is how it looks like..

i add the tomato paste with the diced tomatoes

and after a while i add the water and let it cook a little..

in the mean time, i started making il 3ayeenah malat il margoog.. and after waiting for il 3ayeenah to set for around 30 min i divide it into 9 small balls and spread them out into thin layers of dough..

add each thin layer of 3ayeen to il mrigah and wait for it to cook

when its almost done u have to break up the round pieces of 3ayeen shwaya..

the end result

i wanted to take a pic of it bil serving plate bs athan o fi6arna o nesait ma thikart illa laman almost nu9ha khalla9 ;p

it was well worth those hours of hard work =D

Aug 21, 2009

Embarak 3alaikum il shahar

shino su7oorkum il youm?! ;p

Update: this is my su7oor

nothing beats a bowl of ma7albiya.. especially when it's still hot!


Aug 15, 2009

Ma bain alyoum wal2ams



phew! I managed to catch a good beach day il 7imdillah.. although I wanted the weekend to be nothing but swimming, tanning, and water activities.. bs youm a7san min wala youm..

bs mashallah hal 9aif mo 9ij.. mino e9addig enna the weather is nice at night in August! u can actually sit out side o mat7isoon bil 7ar!
i guess il ghbaar lah fawayed after all..

Aug 7, 2009

Like swimming in public pools?

If u do, I think u better reconsider that!

according to a survey that I came across on msn's site done to 1000 adults, 1 in every 5 admits to peeing in public pools!!

I don't like swimming in public pools sasan.. I'm not saying that I never did.. I do swim in public pools in rare occasions when abroad and only if the pool ma feeh wayd yahal 3alashan hal salfah.. I find it really disturbing that its very common among adults.. ashwanni I always prefer the sea!


Aug 2, 2009

19 years ago

I found those satellite images on this site.. 1st one was taken on 31 August 1990, the second was on 23 February 1991, and the last one on 14 November 1991.

Click on them to enlarge and u can clearly see the severe impact the invasion had on Kuwait's environment.. u can see the burning oil wells in the 2nd pic and the oil lakes resulting from those burning oil wells on the 3rd pic.

To everyone who has helped Liberating Kuwait, Thank you.
To the men and women of this country, Thank you for being strong and 3ala galb wa7id..

رب اجعل هذا البلد آمنا وابعد عنا كل مكروه